By: Bradley Loves



Or…, so they say!   And, unless a very accurate autopsy is done…, we probably will never know if it is truly Epstein who died early this morning.   What we do know for certain is that Epstein was running a highly supervised “governmental” program of human compromise that probably had is origins within the DEEP STATE or THE SECRET UNDERGROUND!

According to records released only yesterday…, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson was just one of the very powerful and important men whom some of Epstein’s underage girls were “forced” to have sex with.

The question is WHY would the Deep State want to keep Richardson quiet?  What does he know?

Well, as it turns out Richardson…, in the early 1970’s was working on a top secret project called PROJECT PEGASUS!

He was working directly under the supervision of Donald Rumsfeld, who in the early 1970’s was working for the Nixon Administration.

At that time, Rumsfeld was the liaison between a little known project agency at the Pentagon known as DARPA, and the Nixon White House!

Project Pegasus (according to project participant Andy Basiago) was a “Time Travel” and “Teleportation” project being run out of New Jersey from the late 1960’s to the early 1970’s.

The destination for all of the school children who had been inducted into the project and were actively involved in teleportation was the State Capitol grounds in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

According to Basiago, Rumsfeld was the man who was sending the kids through the device at the New Jersey end…, and a young Bill Richardson was the man who was counting the kids and getting their names on the Santa Fe end just to make sure all the kids got through the teleportation process all right!

So…, if Epstein (aka the Deep State) needed to have “dirt” on Bill Richardson…, it was probably to insure his silence about Project Pegasus and other related programs concerning teleportation, time travel, deep underground military bases (which are all over New Mexico) and the Secret Space Program as a whole!

The real truth is that Epstein may not be dead!  He could have been extracted from the NYC jail and a dead body double placed in his cell.

Because of the huge veil of secrecy surrounding all things hidden by the Deep State…, Epstein could just as easily have been given refuge in a Underground Military Base, the Moon Base, or even moved off planet and rewarded for his service!

As I said…, I wouldn’t be so quick to say that this man…, who most likely worked directly for the Deep State is dead.  Because he was being held in New York City…, which is definitely out of Donald Trumps control…, I would need a ton (more than just a few pounds) of evidence that the dead man in the cell was really Epstein.

The truth is…, there is NO LIMIT to what Epstein probably knew about America’s deepest and most secret “projects and programs”…, which is why he was such good friends with Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Those who paid for his Island…, and put him up to his human compromise operation…, probably have the power to fake his death…, and hide him for the rest of his life!









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