By: Bradley Loves

I never thought that I would be saying this…, but there does seem to be some validity in the “idea”…, that we here on Earth (at this time) are in deep trouble that is WAY OVER OUR HEADS.

The level of complete EVIL…, and the “arrangements” that have been made between the CABAL, dark ET’s  (FALLEN ANGELS)  and other dimensional entities…, leads me to conclude that humanity really DOES need some serious help in the here and now.

It would be foolish to conclude that we are in a position to sort this out by ourselves.., without (at the very least) praying and asking for HELP.

I’ve thought about it…, and come to the conclusion that there MUST be a good reason why the SATANISTS hate “Christians” and those who love CHRIST.

They do everything they can to “mock” them…, and to “turn their ceremonies” upside down and inside out.

It’s almost as if THEY KNOW something…, that the rest of us do not.

I’m wondering if the “REAL CHRIST” was part of the DRUIDIC CULTURE…, that was once located in Ireland?  That would certainly explain the Catholic Churches hatred of the Irish!  Perhaps he was even “born there” before ending up in Palestine?

It would also explain why Veronica Keen is so adamant that Ireland is HOLY GROUND.

Now, far be it for me to tell anyone who to pray to…, I’m just throwing out a possibility here.

One thing that I DO KNOW for certain…, is that the CATHOLIC CHURCH has most certainly been hi-jacked…, and this was done very early on I might add…, so finding any real spiritual help for your own soul there is all but IMPOSSIBLE.

Finding a “personal connection” with Jesus as a helper, or, as a guide…, might be advisable in these times.  I don’t think the word SAVIOR is the right word here…, because only GOD or SOURCE ITSELF can “save” anything.

However…, I’m just saying…, we might want to consider this!

What I do know for certain is that “WE” collectively need to be praying our butts off…, and asking for help against this SATANIC AGENDA!

Jesus himself “may” or may not even have existed within this timeline (see my Archive page about Jesus)…, but once again…, why is it that the Satanists hate him so much?  There has got to be a reason.  And, even the “time travelers” have suggested that he truly did exist!

So this is something that I think EVERY NEW AGER should start to think about as a possibility in their minds.  Stop giving so much “power” over to the Ascended Masters…, and start thinking about “other” possibilities.

The VATICAN is the very seat of EVIL on the world.  And…, I’ve said to people many times…

The very best place to hide something truly EVIL…, is in the very place that no one would ever think to look!

The “supposed” home of ALL GOOD is the best place to hide the Globalist Agenda.

This is an age old trick…, and has been done with success many times.  You always “hide things” in the place of their exact opposite because people are just too “trained” to look for evil in dark and dirty places.

For now…, this was just an after thought…, to the after thought…, on Yogananda….

All my love….








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