By: Bradley Loves


By all of the strange “definitions of law” that the Roman Empire has ever supported and upheld…, Jesus was a subversive becuase HE stood up to the status quo and HE told the TRUTH!

He was a whistle blower and a TRUTH TELLER.

He was killed…, but not for Blasphemy…, he was killed for telling it like it was…, and not backing down!

He had INFINATE COURAGE…, and was the ultimate TRUTH TELLER.

This article…, that I posted only this morning, tells us exactly why he was both hated and arrested!

It also tells us that in 2000 years…, we are up against the very SAME secret groups…, and that these groups are still SELLING humanity the very SAME CON!!

Humanity has yet to WAKE UP!!

Many people believe and think that Jesus did not even exist…, but I do think that he did (at one time).

My thoughts on this subject are on my old blog here:

But I’d also like to add here as well…, that in many hours of conversations with Andrew Basaigo…, we discussed his “viewing” of the actual Crucifixion of Christ on a super advanced Quantum Device called a Chronovisor!

Andy had no reason to lie to me…, because our discussion was private. He simply stated that as a child participant in Project Pegasus…, he had access to such technology.

Now…, “WHICH” timeline he was viewing…, out of all the many timelines that exist…, is up for debate.  But the fact the Jesus most likely DID exist…, is not.

Bases upon what is written about him and his constant “Calling it like it is”…, I have to tell you that I really like what he was trying to do!

Hopefully…, I’ve been able to do a tiny bit of the same on my blog.


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