By: Bradley Loves

One of my readers has posted a very intelligent comment on one of my most recent articles…,  a comment which I am going to repost here so that everyone can see it, and then make a few(?) comments of my own.

This is an “excellent” first look at a very deep and complicated subject!

And yet…, I would be very “remiss” as researcher and author if I let this comment (which is quite well thought out…, and is the very type of thing I am looking for) go without adding CLARIFICATION…, and looking DEEPER at many things which were overlooked.

(I will add any spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections to the first requote…, which is below. Corrections that I feel will help the meaning get across more fully…, and the dashes “-” are there to help keep the paragraphs from running together into one big mess. Any subsequent re-quotes will be from the “original”.)


Every moment of thought you have, you alter your own Energy Field (you are an Electro-Magnetic Energy/Field).

How pure your thoughts are, determine what comes into your life (or leaves it). The purer it be, the more harmonious, or heart centred you are.

To be in heart centre, is to be “one with the father” = tap into higher octave bands (Cosmic Consciousness).
This is the same as the line(phrase)  “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”.

The word “evil” is an anagram of “live”, or “life”.
Like walking, you have to think it first and then viola, away ye go for a stroll!     You move up and down in vibration minute by minute through the thought process. So the Cosmos is available 24/7 if you apply it, not force it.

All is thought based. So where your attention goes, there you go.    Or, “Be in this whirld, but not of it” = play your game, not another’s, be it your spouse, a friend, government, religious dogma, or whatever.

You have to go out and test and apply these things in order to master your consciousness. Test, test, test it ALL

If you look outside of self you will never get on top of what confronts you. Your Energy Field is the root cause, and this was created by your doings/thinking over eons of lifetimes.

Your Energy Field holds your own “Akashic Record”, it is always with you, as it is you, your creation, or consciousness in operation, stuck to you like the proverbial (pig?) to a blanket!

This is the basis to Jesus’ quote about “…It is what comes out of thy mouth that condemns/defiles you”, or something akin to that. Meaning, you create your whirld, second by second.

When you play another’s game, then you surrender your WILL to another.

When you attach yourself to another, or an idea that you bull-headedly push, and go into fear, or dependence, or “poor me” mode, then you move into Polarity (as in, “get charged” = +/-), exactly the same type of “charge” the corrupted court system…, the crooked “legalese mob” may throw at you.

These polarities take you into the realm of the so called “fallen consciousness”, which actually is a corrupted version of harmony, or out of “God’s Kingdom”, for want of a suitable analogy.

As like the difference between Doof-Doof music and Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”.    Disharmony, or Harmony…,  your choice?

I avoid using words like “god” (or is it “dog star?) as the word has been so bastardised, misused and misunderstood over the years that people know not what/how it applies any longer.

So it is best not to use it, I say!

It takes application/endeavour to get to a point where you refuse to play another’s game (the prompts come when you are ready to move to the next level of operation, after-all, your WILL is making this all happen.

The thing is you have to know the beast, and more importantly know yourself, in order to walk through the valley and avoid the pitfalls, self-deception, pride and cockiness.

Ego is the me, me, me in operation and is the visible demonstration of Polarity = fallen consciousness = “By the Fruit ye know the tree”!

Thus eternal vigilance of self is all about you! (Be alert …your country needs lerts!)
You are either the Master, or you play another’s game = subservience = understand (stand under).

The opposite is to understand is “inner-stand” = Master of Self and all about you.

When you look at semantics in discussions, or how to avoid using the corrupted CONtrol system of documentation, licences (from the word licentious) etc., you are playing in their game, the Fat Controller’s game.

Do not think this way, take a different route to move out and away from it and as you Speak and Live your Truth, it starts to manifest and so you become the Master of your Domain (Granter of Dominion = GOD …is it?)

Now go and speak and Live your Truth and the Cosmos moves at your behest!
No forcing, or bullying required. Quietly and with INTENT, Speak your Truth!

No easy task to convey these things with a few words, so test and apply these principles every minute (awake and asleep) and find these Truths by direct experience.


This “comment” is outstanding…, and a good beginning when looking at how we as human beings are operating within what many (secret) scientists (and many great Masters) think is simply an Infinate Waveform type of enviorment.

As stated in the comment…, magnetics and magnetics fields come into play…, and we can see that Jimmy fully “gets this” by what he says here.

When you attach yourself to another, or an idea that you bull-headedly push, go into fear, or dependence, or “poor me” mode, then you move into Polarity (as in, “get charged” = +/-, exactly as per the corrupted court system the crooks legalese mob may throw at you.

These polarities take you into the realm of the so called “fallen consciousness”, which actually is a corrupted version of harmony, or out of “God’s Kingdom”, for want of a suitable analogy. As like the difference between Doof-Doof music and Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”. Disharmony, or Harmony, your choice?


However…, since we’ve OPENED up “pandora’s box” and gone there…, then A FULL LOOK AND A DEEP UNDERSTANDING of both “magnetics” AND “harmonics” is required…, and it is here where some (not all) of this comment becomes void.

What we are really doing when we start to talk about subjects in the comment above, is getting into the science of CELLULAR HARMONICS!

And believe it or not…, (for you who are New Agers) and think you are so far ahead of the CABAL in your understandings of “frequencies” , “waves” and “harmonies”…, you are completely FOOLING yourself.

Regardless of what you think to the contrary…, the Illuminati does have a VERY full grasp on frequencies, wavies and harmonices!

And…, (sadly) because they DO actually have a full knowledge of these subjects…, they are using this AGAINST US!

Their most advanced technology has everything to do with both “magnetics” and “harmonics”…, and they have long since relegated things like “bullets”, “bombs” and “guns” to their military and police PUPPETS who are seen as still running useful operations in the STONE AGE.

We would NOT have such things as:

  • GWEN Towers/Cell Phone Towers
  • Voice to Skull/Voice of God/Synthetic Telepathy
  • Psychotronic Weaponry
  • MK Ultra
  • MIND CONTROL/Programmed Slaves
  • Electro-Magnetic Frequency Bombardment
  • TI’S (Targeted Individuals)
  • Self Constructing Biological Nanites (which are basically Magneto-Electro-Chemically Based)
  • And countless other even MORE secret “technologies”

….Unless this were the case!

These “technologies” which have been being researched ever since the 1970’s (in secret) were developed and designed to do ONE THING ONLY…, and that is to “combat” the human being on a “magnetic” and on a “harmonic” level.

To put it in a lay man’s terms…, these technologies were created and developed to “fight” (and hopefully destroy) your natural ability to develop SPIRITUALLY.

Once one takes this into account…, then a TON of what was written above in Jimmy’s comment has to be RE-EXAMINED.

Jimmy is correct when he says that we as human beings exude and give off our own FREQUENCIES!   If “left alone”…, and without “interference” from outside waves…, we have the natural ability to heal ourselves, effect our own polarities, and do many wonderous things.

HOWEVER…, remember…, that the “highest levels” of the Illuminati are already “Dark Magicians” and have goals that run counter to what GOD has in mind.

They fully understand (through the study of Ancient and Arcane Writings) the “mystery’s” of MAGNETICS and (unfortuately magnetic fields).

Remember as well what I’ve always said about magic…, “magic” is the word “magnetic” in a shortened version.

This means they really do have a full grasp of “waves and frequencies”.., “planets and polarities”…, “harmonies and disharmonies”…, which come from the unending repository and hidden archives of Earth’s antiquity going all the way back to ATLANTIS!!

The secret VATICAN LIBRARY, which is hidden underground…, and according to both Preston James and Jeff Rense is 18 miles long, is where much of this hidden information is stored.

What kinds of information do you think are actually IN those books that the Illuminati has access to?  (Something to think about).

Now…, for that last few decades…, they have been rolling out a type of FREQUENCY/HARMONIC “war” on the masses of humanity.

And.., as Jimmy correctly pointed out…, we WERE at one time (as in past tense) being given a “choice” as to whether we would listen or not listen to these things.

He points that out here:

These polarities take you into the realm of the so called “fallen consciousness”, which actually is a corrupted version of harmony, or out of “God’s Kingdom”, for want of a suitable analogy.    As like the difference between Doof-Doof music and Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”. Disharmony, or Harmony, your choice?

Now…, even though this MAY have been true at one time…, it most certainly is NOT TRUE any longer.

If we were actually being given a “choice” (if it were only that simple) then I’d say…, he is on to something, and each one of us only has to “correct” our own thoughts and as he says “master them”.

But this conclusion is 100 percent OVERLY simplistic in our current technological envoirnment.

One has to (as always) take into account current events and circumstances!

This is why there are “outsiders” of all sorts…,  (ET’s and ED’s) knocking on our door and floating out there in space.  There are a few “good ones”…, “some netural ones”…, and many very “BAD” ones!

They are there because “humanity” has “lost control” of it’s own ability to FIGHT what is basically an UNSEEN WAR that has been declared upon them using super advanced technology!

This is happening BECAUSE the CABAL/ILLUMINATI/SATANISTS have decided that “failure” to achieve the New World Order is NOT AN OPTION.

This means unfortunately that “CHOICE” has eventually got to be completely removed (in their opinion) and they are in the process of doing that in ways most of “sleeping people” have yet to imagine.

This is the very reason for these technologies that we are seeing in the list I’ve added above!

The entire purpose of such technologies is to REMOVE CHOICE!

On a large scale…, the psychotronic weaponry…, was designed to be “broadcast” at very large metropolitan areas…, in order to CHANGE MOOD!  But even further than that…, they stimulate our bodies on the sub-harmonic levels…, which I’ve already mentioned…, calling it cellular harmonics.

This is exactly how mankind is supposed to develop spiritually…, by using meditation in order to stimulate body harmonics!

So for the CABAL to have technology that can do the REVERSE of this is really BAD NEWS!

This is not merely a “disruptive wave” being placed into the “magnetic field”…, but is a well studied and well placed “harmonic” of whatever “feelings” they want to elicit from the target population.  And…, this is already a few decades OLD!

Meaning they have gone further in their abilities to manipulate and control YOUR MIND AND EMOTIONS through the use of both magnetics and harmonics!

They did not GMO the food for no reason!

The German Scientist Harald Katz Vella stated clearly in the symposium that we did jointly on A.I…., the that purpose of GMO food is to “deplete” certain chemicals in the body which build “insulating” sheaths around the nerve endings of the brain and the central nervous system.

By doing this…, the body has to find another substance to cover these nerve endings because anyone who has studied MS (multiple sclerosis) or MD (muscular dystrophy) knows that when the mylon covering around the nerve endings wear away.., the electro-magnetic impulses being sent to your muscles by the brain are not able to be carried.  (They short out).

Thus, people with MS or MD very literally can not MOVE well.

By depleting the food we eat of the raw materials necessary to cover the nerve endings properly…, the body seeks some other substance to cover them with!

Accoring to Harald Katz Vella…., the body (which is desperate to keep functioning) is pulling “metals” out of the air that we are breathing (like aluminum and barium) or other metals…, and covering the nerve endings with these things instead.


By doing this…, it basically makes the entire nevrous system of the human body able to be controlled (like a magnet) through electro-magnetic frequencies which are being “broadcast” through the air by these insidious TOWERS.

(This is how their: HEART ATTACK TECHNOLOGY works by the way…, and is something that they “use” on people who they want to just get rid of.)

You see…, you can BE A SAINT…, and BE DOING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS…, and still be “unable” to achieve the type of thing Jimmy says we should all be able to do by “mastering” your thinking…, with the technology that is now in place.




The SATANISTS know that what I have been saying all along is the TRUTH…, and this is that what we see as “reality” here on the Earth is actually collectively created by ALL OF US.  (Input from every single mind and heart).

In addition…, Jimmy correctly states that it is our THOUGHTS and our EMOTIONS (polarity) that are the ingrediants which “create” the reality we are collectively seeing here on Earth.

Now…, I’ve repeated this many times already…, the SATANISTS…, the ILLUMINATI…, the CABAL…, (call them what you will) want to create a dark and deviant realm or social reality right here on the Earth.., and not in fantacy…, but in real terms.

They want to go back to the old days of BABYLON and ROME where there were Masters and Slaves!  Where a few had all of the power…, and there was no one in the middle.

They want a “world” where adults can buy and sell children…,and have sex with them like “little toys” any time they want.

They want to be able to continue their “religion” of Ritual Child Sacrifice…, which creates energetic food…, and “feeds” the elemental demonic entities that help them to control all of the unseen facets of our world.

They want to be able to do this in public like in the days of Babylon and what was done in South America.

They want the public to willingly agree that “blood sacrifice” to pagan gods is normal and natural again.

Now…, the CABAL has realized that they will NEVER get there if the public is given a “choice”.

They had hoped for the New World Order to be fully installed by the year 2000.

When they were not able to achieve it by then.., they “panicked”…, stole the election from Al Gore, gave it to George Bush Jr…, and 9 months later the entire world got 9/11 !!

This brought in the PATRIOT ACT…, the removal of almost every last “Right” that the common man had left.., and the introduction of countless NAZI like proceedures (TSA grabbing your genitals) all in the name of security and protection.

This also gave the “green light” for countless FREQUENCY BASED attacks on countless individuals across the world who were seen as “whistle blowers” …, “truth tellers”…, and “problems that needed to go away”.

You see…, as much as Jimmy “hit the nail on the head”…, he also failed to take into account the FAR DEEPER implications of what is really and truly happening on the ground…, AS WE SPEAK.

The issues we are facing in this regard (the technologies) are NOT SIMPLE.

Telling the Truth is Simple…, the problems that we are facing are NOT.

I would venture a guess that many ET races are wholly worried and beside themselves (if they are of the benevolent kind) about what is happening here on Earth…, only because as other people have very accurately pointed out…

A rock thrown into a pond will send ripples and waves in all directions…, meaning that every “wave” sent out by “Earth” and our “reality”…, continues into SPACE and into ALL DIMENSIONS.

The “off worlders” would be CRAZY not to be worried about the fallout of what the CABAL is doing to humanity…, because it WILL eventually have to affect/effect THEM.


So…, we find ourselves in an epic battle of LIGHT vs. DARK…, or GOOD vs. EVIL.

And the idea that each of us can simply “THINK” our way out of the problem any longer (however true that may have been 200 years ago) is NO LONGER a viable option…, given the technology being used.

This is WHY…, my solution…, which is to INFORM every single human being…, so that we can COLLECTIVELY FACE and DEAL WITH THIS…, is really the only way.

We have “no time” to allow for each man or woman to come to this conclusion “on their own” any longer over “life-times” of experience.

The “stakes” have risen…, the “poker game” has gotten out of hand…,

It is either SINK…, or SWIM, time for the Earth and the people living on it.

The little child has been “thrown” into the deep end of the pool now…, and the dice has been cast!

He will either learn to swim (very fast) or he will drown!

Lazily taking “lifetimes” to read “spiritual books” and slowly raise ones “vibration” will NO longer help the EARTH in our immediate situation.

We will either ALL wake up and take action (SWIM) or we will continue to sleep…, take no action…, and “dream” that we have nothing but time…, (DROWN).

It is the ILLUMINATI/SATANISTS themselves who have pushed us into this situation…, because as I’ve said…, in their opinion…, FAILURE to achieve the New World Order is not an “option”.

Thus, they have rolled out technologies, which once fully in place, are designed to make any “adjustment” that we may choose to make to our magnetic fields…, or our “cellular harmonics”…, a MOOT POINT.






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