This is the second video that I have seen, and will have posted from this young man.  There is good reason for my doing this which I would like to explain.

1.  He is doing his OWN Research!

Young Mr. Sather proves that he is digging extensively to find tiny truth “nuggets” in the daily media which is constantly being SPUN and rarely gives us a clear picture of what is going on.

He is constantly ASKING QUESTIONS, which means that his mind is engaged in “THINKING” through what he reads and at every moment trying to DISCERN whether it is true or not true!

(You can not ask for more than this!)

2.   He does NOT believe everything he reads.

I have seen him questioning almost everything that is being said in the Main Stream Media and that is a very GOOD THING!

He uses what he already knows and has already vetted, and then calls BULLSH*T when a story comes out that goes against what he has already determined to be a fact!

3.  He is legitimately working inside of the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, and not what I am now calling the NEW AGE MEDIA!

This means he is battling against the MSM and therefore doing a SERVICE for humanity.

Mr. Sather does not talk about or post (as far as I’ve seen to this point) anything concerning CHANNELED MESSAGES – or UNPROVEN MESSAGES FROM GALACTICS.

Doing so would place him into the position of doing a huge DISSERVICE to humanity.

I don’t know how long this will continue, but I will watch him carefully to see if he keeps his STANDARDS HIGH!

Here is his update.

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Breaking: Obama Armed Hezbollah and Allowed Them to Deal Cocaine in America



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  1. John

    Last year in one of my posts on the site of Jean : ( I already introduced Jordan to her, and what he does for humanity. ( helping to understand humanity what’s going on )
    Sadly enough she didn’t see what I meant…but I’m happy to see you do Bradley.

    Personally reincarnation has been the closest to a belief that I hold about our existence here on Earth.
    As a child I always thought about it. Over the years I’ve come across Dolores Cannon and her work. She was a hypnotherapist and in her sessions she just couldn’t ignore all the patients talking about past lives and she compiled all the info, wrote lots of books.

    She proposed the idea of volunteer souls. After Hiroshima, these souls (free of karma) volunteered to come to Earth for the first time in three waves.

    The first wave is the baby boom generation, born after the war. They were kind of lost here, so although they have jobs and raise a family, they feel they don’t belong. They get depression and sometimes commit suicide.

    The second wave, born somewhere in the 80s (she says it’s difficult to draw a line) were a bit luckier. Their job is to only be, and raise the energy and frequency. She says these people heighten the spirits when they go into a place by just being in there, but they feel so uncomfortable that they prefer to stay at home, work from home etc. if they find a similar soul they get married, but probably won’t have children.

    The third one is today’s children mostly geniuses, although some are not understood and diagnosed with ADHD etc…
    She said these children have different and better DNAs, and are probably the saviours of the Earth.

    Listening to her thoughts about Leo being in the second wave, I felt the same. Especially because as much as I hate to be in a mass of people. Want to hear your ideas about this. Anyone having a similar experience?

    A small talk about the subject by Cannon on YouTube:

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