This is the second video that I have seen, and will have posted from this young man.  There is good reason for my doing this which I would like to explain.

1.  He is doing his OWN Research!

Young Mr. Sather proves that he is digging extensively to find tiny truth “nuggets” in the daily media which is constantly being SPUN and rarely gives us a clear picture of what is going on.

He is constantly ASKING QUESTIONS, which means that his mind is engaged in “THINKING” through what he reads and at every moment trying to DISCERN whether it is true or not true!

(You can not ask for more than this!)

2.   He does NOT believe everything he reads.

I have seen him questioning almost everything that is being said in the Main Stream Media and that is a very GOOD THING!

He uses what he already knows and has already vetted, and then calls BULLSH*T when a story comes out that goes against what he has already determined to be a fact!

3.  He is legitimately working inside of the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, and not what I am now calling the NEW AGE MEDIA!

This means he is battling against the MSM and therefore doing a SERVICE for humanity.

Mr. Sather does not talk about or post (as far as I’ve seen to this point) anything concerning CHANNELED MESSAGES – or UNPROVEN MESSAGES FROM GALACTICS.

Doing so would place him into the position of doing a huge DISSERVICE to humanity.

I don’t know how long this will continue, but I will watch him carefully to see if he keeps his STANDARDS HIGH!

Here is his update.

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