By: Bradley Loves


While High Ranking Military Generals like Mike Flynn are in the process of losing EVERYTHING for “lying”…,  people like Jussie Smollett are walking away with less than a slap on the wrist for doing the same, only MUCH MORE and on Steroids!

This just goes to show that if you have connections with the DEEP STATE…, and you are a criminal…, you will always WALK!

It appears as if Barack Obama and George Soros “leaned” on Chicago PD and the prosecutors that were bringing the case against Smollett, and thus the charges are now dropped.

Our Illustrious Q-Anon placed a phone number for the FBI on 8 chan basically saying (if you have any information about a crime…, give them a call).


And what if a someone DID have any information about people that were doing REAL EVIL?

All that “someone” does is to basically paint a TARGET on their back…, identify who they are…, while the “criminal” they ID gets 2 or 3 days inside of the NON – JUSTICE – SYSTEM…, before a few of their DEEP STATE BUDDIES come to their rescue – and then BUY their way out!

Afterward comes the repercussions for the poor shmuck who had the audacity to “drop a dime” on the CRIMINAL….

Unfortunately at this point, most Americans (even if they don’t say it) don’t TRUST the FBI…, the DOJ…, the COURTS…, or the Federal Government – as far as they could throw a house!

Trust is just GONE!

And let’s not even consider the MEDIA…, which has never been a more shining example of PURE DISGRACE than it currently is.

The Media is now 90 percent LIES…, and 10 percent TRUTH.

Even “PRAVDA”…, in the headiest days of Communism within the USSR/Soviet Union had a better track record than that…, maybe giving out 30 percent TRUTH to it’s 70 percent lies.

Yea well, don’t let it be said that we don’t do things BETTER here in America…, even when it comes to LYING on a constant basis!

As a kid growing up, I often wondered what it would be like living in a country where there were NOTHING BUT LIES being handed out to the people on a daily basis…, well…, be careful what you wonder about I guess.

To add INSULT to total INJURY…, anyone who does happen to “want” to tell the TRUTH is now being treated like a CRIMINAL!

Whether you are a kid in school…

Or an adult in the work place….

Telling the TRUTH about anything – is now considered a CRIME of PURE HATE!

How long do you think a society or a culture can exist based on this kind of shaky foundation??

The BANNING and CENSORING OF TRUTH is now full time business and the PAY IS GREAT!

If you work for one of the Social Media Corp’s – and are involved in the GREAT “CLEANSING” OF THE INTERNET…, then there are big bucks to be earned!  You are more highly paid than a stripper!

And you are certainly better paid than your average run of the mill whore!

But now…, you are a “whore” for the FATHER OF ALL LIES!  You have taken up employment for the SATANISTS and the LUCIFERIANS whose only goal is to deceive

Entire Governments are getting involved in the GREAT CLEANSING…, by passing NAZI like laws restricting every form of Free Speech.

The EU just completely banned “memes” as ILLEGAL SPEECH.


European Parliament Approves Controversial “Meme Ban”

It isn’t just memes at stake.


So before we start talking about EQUAL JUSTICE…, let’s remember how quickly Jussie Smollet walked FREE…., and got a tiny, miniscule, practically NON EXISTENT slap on his wrist…, and probably got a HUGE PAYCHECK from Obama and Soros for any “inconveniences” he suffered along the way for having his LIES questioned!

Sorry, Jussie for any “inconvenience” you may have suffered as a result of telling LIES!!

Here is a little something for your trouble…





You were loved…..





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