By: Bradley Loves


  • If you do not have the courage, or the will power, or the awareness to defy the “stay at home orders”…
  • If you do not have the willingness to put your freedom first – and stand up to the “enforcers” and tell them they can’t do this to you.
  • If you do not reopen your business so that you can make money so that you don’t lose your house and car and everything you need…

Then please tell me this:

  • How are you going to have the courage to say “NO” 3 to 6 months from now when they want to reopen the economy, but make getting a Vaccination MANDATORY to do so?

If you do not have courage now – how will you have courage then?

The AUTHORITIES standing in front of you right now – are the same AUTHORITIES who will be standing in front of you then!


Those who are keeping you from opening your businesses and are making you stay inside of your homes – are the very SAME PEOPLE who will DEMAND that you get a VACCINATION and a MICRO-CHIP before you can go back to work and leave your home!

Just saying…

I’m saying this so that ALL OF YOU are clear that kicking that can down the road is not going to change anything!

But if you wait too long…, 3, 4, or 5 months from now – you may be totally broke!  You may have NO MORE FOOD!  You may not have a house or a home to live in any longer because you’ve been evicted!  You may not have a car any longer!

Your position will be FAR WEAKER the more time that passes by!

So WHY pray tell, would you choose to wait to take action??

Just wondering…

Finding your courage NOW – is a far better plan than trying to find it much later!

All my love…..


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