By: Bradley Loves


With the CIA being fully supported (by Legal means) which allow them to LIE to the American People, we are in deep trouble.

There are blog posts and articles coming out from CIA CENTRAL a mile a minute!

They are everywhere, and IDIOT WEBSITE OWNERS are posting these “messages” a mile a minute.

Here is just one single example that came out today that is both creepy and obviously FAKE.

And yet…, it got posted by a website owner who DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH.

Taken from Operation Disclosure we have this:

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By garythemouse

After (let’s call it:) “natural law guide” was empowered and turned into high vibrational fun some kind of a spell was casted and AI from our collective (un)conciousness was deleted.

But the world is still affected because for example “common law” is an AI product.

Also demons in people freaked out and are attacking like crazy.

It’s not easy to be hip right now.

From other news – it seems there was energetic change on “portal” blog.

There is new cobra there.

The previous one is probably dead.


Wow…, talk about hitting all of the right buttons!

A few short lines.., each one hitting a TARGET.

  • Common Law was an AI product ??
  • Cobra is dead and replaced by a New guy ??
  • Demons in people are acting “freaky” ??
  • It’s not easy to be “hip” right now ??
  • AI has been turned “off” as a result of a magic spell (that was kind of fun)…

Who writes this stuff…, but what is MORE IMPORTANT.., is who in their right mind POSTS this type of thing as legitimate NEWS ??

Here’s a word of advice for the CIA SHILL who wrote this…,



All my love to those with eyes to see…


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