By: Bradley Loves



Every single step taken toward GLOBAL GOVERNMENT is one step closer to chaos and dystopia!  Next step…, Judge Dredd – a character who in the future of mankind is COP – JUDGE – JURY and then EXECUTIONER…, all in one!

(With lots of help from friendly A.I.)


AI never was and NEVER WILL BE the friend of humanity… PERIOD.

And yet…, those liberal freaks living in Silicon Valley…, who DO NOT believe in a GOD…, desperately want to hand over their lives and their futures to “friendly” A.I. computers who are (in their mind controlled opinion) far FRIENDLIER THAN PEOPLE are.

Now…, they want A.I. Computers to “JUDGE THEM” because they think that computers would be “more fair”…

Never mind that the ENTIRE LEGAL SYSTEM is a complete fraud and is based in DARK MAGIC.

Again…, I’m TRYING to teach people to walk…, and they have not yet learned to roll over or have figured out what their toes are for!

Please GOD…, send us another Great Flood to wipe these people out and get it over with!

See this:

How artificial intelligence can help us make judges less biased

As artificial intelligence moves into the courtroom, much has been written about sentencing algorithms with hidden biases. Daniel L. Chen, a researcher at both the Toulouse School of Economics and University of Toulouse Faculty of Law, has a different idea: using AI to help correct the biased decisions of human judges.

Chen, who holds both a law degree and a doctorate in economics, has spent years collecting data on judges and US courts. “One thing that’s been particularly nagging my mind is how to understand all of the behavioral biases that we’ve found,” he says. For example, human biases that can tip the scales when making a decision. In a new working paper, Chen lays out a suggestion for how large datasets combined with artificial intelligence could help predict judges’ decisions and help us nudge them to make sentencing fairer.

The Verge spoke to Chen about the many factors that can influence judicial bias and the future of AI in law.

Artificial Intelligence will NOT serve mankind…, it will only end badly.


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