By: Bradley Loves

Millions of people worldwide have painted an extremely BIG TARGET on their backs by openly supporting the President! 

IF…, and I say IF – push comes to shove in Washington DC and the President and the Q team decides (God Forbid) to “stand down”…, then the FORCES OF DARKNESS will literally have a free for all with the lives of millions of  decent men and women who openly supported the President.

It will have been fully Documented daily by:

Twitter/Facebook/You-Tube/Google/Apple/Vimeo/GoFundMe/PayPal etc. etc. etc. 

Coming from one who KNOWS just how horrible it is to be on one of the Deep-States “Targeted Lists”…, life could be made next to unbearable for millions and millions of Americans by crazy and vengeful Satanists/Democrats if they are able to reclaim their POWER in DC.

They have already talked OPENLY about “punishment” for Trump supporters – and with their insane dispositions – they will most likely carry that out!

Many “Trump Supporters” could simply end up “disappearing”, end up in Jail on fake charges (since we now know just how easy it is for the FBI/CIA to make sh*t up – eg – MIke Flynn) or even worse…, they could finally open up the FEMA CAMPS  (labeled as “re-education centers”) to teach conservative people that:

  • Trans-gender/Trans-human is the new Dogma for the World Religion (just get used to it)
  • Sex with kids/animals/and other deviant things are OKAY and must be “tolerated” (Shut up or else)
  • Abortion at any age (even if the child is already 3 years old) if wanted by the parent is OKAY (you’ve got nothing to say about it)
  • LUCIFER is the real GOD of this world and anyone who says otherwise must be jailed for HATE.
  • Free Speech is no longer tolerated and will be abolished
  • Guns are outlawed
  • Free Thought is a Crime
  • Etc….

I don’t think the common man realizes just how close America is to its own total destruction…, because they just don’t “get” how purely EVIL the Dark Forces really are!

I may be one of a few who know just how BAD…, bad can get!

The New Agers are totally lost and completely crazy because they don’t think that evil even exists – so what help can they possibly be?


The Christians are 100 percent asleep still – because they hide in their churches and don’t understand that “Satanism” – “Luciferiansim” “Black Magic” are literally EVERYWHERE in America now…, and these practices are simply “hiding” in the shadows and waiting for the MAIN COMING OUT PARTY…, that HILLARY (they never thought she would lose) – promised and was supposed to throw for them.

From my point of view…, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!

So let me make it very clear here Q-Anon and President Trump!

Even IF it means CIVIL WAR…., you have gone TOO FAR to quit now – because the alternative for millions and millions of Americans IF the “Q” team and the President stand down – could be so much worse than putting up a fight…, even if that fight IS a Civil War…

Just saying!

If you quit now – and do not “FINISH” the job – you are basically “handing” the entire world and it’s entire future over to the SATANISTS – who will make certain they do not make the same mistake again!


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