Once again…, Justin Deschamps has impressed me with his ability to hit the nail on the head!  I am posting this link to his blog because I happen to agree that this is HUGE PROBLEM!  As I stated recently…, and I will continue to state…, I “disagree” with Justin on any article or post he makes concerning David Wilcock or Corey Goode…, so in essence…, I am using my own knowledge and discernment by “picking” and “choosing” exactly what I think is important on his blog…, and what is rubbish!

Justin seems to have a very keen mind, and his ability to do research has been proven several times now in a few of his choice articles!  His only real problem…, (as I see it) is that he is still quite YOUNG, and has therefore never really been CONNED quite badly enough by someone that he put his absolute trust in, to recognize it when it is happening.

It is only when he discovers how easily someone who seems so completely honest…, can be one of the biggest con artists in the world, that he will finally jump of to the necessary level of: HIPER – DISCERNMENT that is a critical element to weeding out con artists like Corey Goode!

Until then…, I find his personal site a mixed bag of some really great stuff…, and some ridiculous rubbish!

HERE is a link to one of the GOOD ONES he’s done!

Please read…, and encourage him to continue!

All my love!

PS –

Here are several more links I’ve found on this very IMPORTANT topic!





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