By: Bradley Loves


1 Hour – 1:15

The suggestion is made that the  entire USA (as a result of the Military) has turned into a modern day SODOM and GOMORRAH!

The conversation next suggests that not only are MOST of the top positions filled with deviants and degenerates now…, that anyone who IS ACTUALLY MORAL will probably never get put into high positions!

Kay now makes the very first connection between these “groups” and ZIONISTS.

Hour 1:15 to 1:30

In this part…, Kay gets into the “alternative” lifestyle of most of these military Colonels and Generals.  This is where she questions the morals and ethics of these men and talks about what she considers DEVIANCY or DEVIANT sexual behavior…, which includes the fact that most of the really high up Brass are “nudists”…, engage in the practice of “wife” swapping, as well as homosexual behavior with each other after the women leave!

It is this part of their “behavior” that she suggests has allowed them to turn a blind eye to the SATANIC side of the greater agenda…, i.e…, the drug smuggling…, the money laundering…, child and human trafficking…, and the break down of civil liberties in our country.

For those who are NOT turning a blind eye to all of this…, but do it with full willingness and knowledge…, then, these men are most probably Satanists themselves!

She suggests that since their “attitude” about most things is that ANYTHING goes (sex orgies and the like)…, and that this is just the way it is…, so you’d better get used to it…, it would be very difficult for men like this to have any MORAL fiber or character at all.

Remember THESE MEN are leading our military!

She talks about a man named Charles Caddok.., and others, who were tasked to get young Saudi boys drunk, and to teach them to engage in homosexual behavior, so that they could control them later in life… (these were Elite Saudi boys who had come to America to get an “education”) however, she laughs about the idea that they “ever” really went to class!

Next, she associates her own husband (George Griggs) as the man who was “partying” with these young Saudi boys, and drops the bombshell that “ALBERT EINSTEIN” was also taking part in these “boy orgies” while working for the Military.  This was going on in 1952 to 1955!

Next, she talks about how George Griggs admitted that he battered his first wife (and most probably was responsible for her death)…, and that he battered and abused her as well!

Hour 1:30 to 1:45

She talks about how all of these men first met at Universities…, were pals…, and helped each other get into very high positions, so that in the end, all of our high level positions were filled with deviants.

She talks about how most of these men were VERY WELL PAID…, and so that the “wink-wink” was that if you go along with all of this…, your life will be easy!

She talks about how Navy Seals of seal team six (she calls them the “red” team) before they get sent out on any real missions, must first do a “cold kill” to prove they CAN kill someone! (Apparently anyone will do).

Next, she very importantly talks about the letters “SS” and how they keep appearing in our Military and Governmental systems!  She relates this back to NAZI Germany and of course… “THE BROTHERHOOD”…., which is connected to OPUS DEI…, which is connected to… (you guessed it) THE VATICAN.

Hour 1:45 up to Hour 3

Another Video talking about the FULL EXTENT of the Satanic movement inside the United States today…, pops up for a moment and The book… PAWNS IN THE GAME…, by William Guy Carr is recommended as a source!  Then we get back to Kay.

Next, she states that the MARINE CORPS has turned into an “enforcement arm” of a very dark group that wants to control the United States and the Entire World!

They are basically mercenaries!

She says (incredibly) that the men who are assassins, not only get promised a good life…, but they get lots of “stock” on the stock exchange for “killing” people.

Once again…, she connects the country of Israel to most of this “nastiness”…, calling them the “middle men” and the recipients of much of the criminal money moving around the world.

At this point the Interviewer and Kay both take a break!

(Stay tuned for Hour 3 – I will finish this eventually).














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