By: Bradley Loves

Hour 1:57 to 2:15

Kay talks about her own family background, then she gets right into it again!

She says that many former JAG (Judge Advocate Generals) have infiltrated our countries “court system”.  That they are still under MILITARY COMMAND…, and “take orders”.  The “orders” she says come from: The Brotherhood.

She then makes a connection with VMI (Virginia Military Institute)…, which she calls a little “West Point” in Virginia…, to “SECRET SOCIETIES”.  She at first wanted to say there was probably a “cult” connection there…, but then backed off and said at the very least it was a secret society.

This is interesting as well,  because instead of only connecting “elites” to secret societies…, now we are connecting career “military men” as well.

Next she “exposes” (probably for the first time ever) the existence of the FISA court!

Which is a secret court that is supposed to deal with too hot to handle issues away from the eyes of the American people!

Next, she “names names” of the highest “generals” (retired) from the Marine Corps…, about 5 of them and calls them incredibly EVIL MEN.

She makes the claim that her husband was intimately connected to all of these top men and that her husband was tasked with the “training” mercenaries (usually boys) from many underdeveloped countries to act as assassins all over the world!

Here also the very first connection and suggestion to MK ULTRA mind control is introduced!  Very compelling stuff.

She claims that the “elite of the “elite” are all connected to drug lords and underworld assassins…, seemingly all connected though her husband and the military!  She says they all claim to be “existentialists” and that it is their “religion” and belief system.  However…, apparently high crimes and murder are also part of their “religion”.

She says her husband had to know “French” because most of the “terrorist” training was being done in PARIS!  And, also in New Orleans.  (During the 1980”s)

These two places have a very “strange” connection it seems!

(Reading between the lines…, It almost suggests that this “group” has an ancient old world VAMPIRIC connection…, see the movie INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE)

[Knowing what I know about “THE PARENTS” and certain 13 thousand year old humans…, this seems like a logical assumption.]

Hour 2:15 to Hour 2:30

Kay says that “they” are trying to both psychologically and financially “destroy” her…, only because she is telling the TRUTH!

(In my own experience this is exactly what they do to people who tell the real TRUTH! – Bradley)

[So, if they are not actively trying to destroy you…, then you are nowhere near the truth.  I read from “New Age” blogs daily…,  claiming to be “truthful”…, where the owners of these blogs are living safe, easy lives…, which proves in my opinion that they have never even come close to telling the truth as it really is!]

Next, incredibly, she connects her husband with the very top power structure in the United States…, (and says he is “friends”) with all of the top WHITE HOUSE STAFF at the time.  (This all goes to the very top!)

Next, she connects all of the “young male” trained assassins to NATO.  She says it’s absurd that the American Taxpayer is “paying” young assassins to murder and create havoc all over the world…, just so that the (psychos that are in power) can “blame” in on whom ever they please.

[In my opinion this is the “tip” of the iceberg of the SATANIC part of all of this]

Once again the connection to SKULL AND BONES (YALE) comes up, which is then connected to CAP AND GOWN (Princeton) which is basically the same thing as Skull and Bones.  These (SECRET SOCIETIES) are the “gathering” mechanisms at ELITE universities which induct young men into the very SATANIC practices and clubs that they will swear “allegiance to”…,  and then be supported by for the rest of their lives.

Next, several other video clips are inserted which talk about the connection between these SATANIC groups…, and world wide pedophilia!  The perverted use of young and very young children is RAMPANT with these people and part of their SATANIC tendencies.

Hour 2:30 to 2:45

The next HUGE reveal is that the reason the “BUSH” family is such good friends with the Saudi Royals…, is that both families are SATANISTS!


Once again, she says that MK ULTRA (mind control) is part of what keeps these people in line.

Hour 2:45 to up to Hour 4

What “they” do to people who try to “expose” them.












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