By: Bradley Loves

I’ve “replaced” the 7 hour interview with a more complete copy of an 11 hour interview…, which I think is the most complete version on the web.  I replaced it for two reasons…, first what Kay has to say is vitally important…, and secondly…, I found that the 7 hour interview was being ACTIVELY blocked when you tried to access it from my website!  (HMMM)…..

(Way to go boys…, you just got caught with your pants down!)

Since this information is too important not to get out there…, (for those who have not got 11 hours to spend) I am going to spend the 11 hours for you…, and take notes!

0-15 Minutes…

Remember that this INTERVIEW took place in the year 1998…, so it is almost 18 years old already!

-Kay talks about who she is and how she met her husband and why she married him.

She says she has certain knowledge that the USA has NEVER BEEN an enemy of the SOVIET UNION or of RUSSIA…, and the at the highest level…, the Soviet Union was CREATED by the USA!

-She talks about his EXTREME problem with alcohol…, and with his strange nature.

Next she make a bold statement saying that almost all of the Upper Brass in the Army and the Marines are sexual deviants, homosexuals, and in her words very “childish” men who are very “controllable”.  All the good Generals and Colonels have been “replaced” by controllable ones!

The name of her husband is Colonel George Griggs.  Next she drops names of other Generals.  General Jim Joy…, head of the Armies Psychological Warfare…, and responsible for in humane tactics that were used against Noriega and in Waco!

General Carl Steiner…, and General Al Gray (huge homo-sexual…)

15-30 Minutes

Kay says she finds out that her husband was basically an ASSASSIN!

Kay says that at the very top ALL of the Military Brass are MASONS!  And also members of OPUS DEI!

Next she talks about the deep connection between the Military and the Mob!  She says that it is the New Jersey and Brooklyn factions of the mob most especially. She says that there is a group of “mercenaries” (Marines) who have actually become “hit men” for the mob…, and will basically kill for hire.  Also she claims that these Marines are not only under the umbrella of the Navy. She states that they can just as easily take orders from an Army General.

Next she restates that on the level of Lee Harvey Oswald (CIA and Military) that the USA is not and has NEVER been enemies of the Soviet Unioin.

She says that the man who started the OSS (Intelligence) was recruiting known Communists into the Military.  Next, she says that these top Brass are/were not really Americans nor Christians but “existentialists”…, who are very GERMAN leaning!  Then she asks:  What are they doing running our Nation?

Also she “accuses” these men of having far more affinity for the state of Isreal…, than they do for America or American People!

The next HUGE reveal is that the Judges in the courts are MILITARY OFFICERS who are following a military chain of command and taking orders!  They are NOT independent Judges!

Even in Congress…, she claims there are a lot of former MARINES.

John Warner…, Chuck Rob…, Dick Davis…, (All Marines)

She claims that the present Govenor (in 1998) for the state of Virginia was a former Army Office and was therefore TAKING ORDERS…, and following a chain of command…, even though he was apparently a Govenor!

Next she asks this:  If all of these military men, congressmen, judges and Govenors are just FOLLOWING ORDERS…, then WHO is giving those orders??????

30 -45  Minutes

She talks about how there are former military intelligence operatives implanted inside the Media…, (Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein) who can be used to keep politicians “inline”.  Other people corrupt them…, and then the intelligence people use information against them to keep them in line!

Next she talks about how “operatives” were assigned to her and were basically “CONNING” her…, saying they were going to help her…, while all the while gathering intelligence on her life!

Next is an “onscreen” statement that basically says:   Homo-sexuals are seen by the military as the most MIND controllable people there are!  And that is why these people are sought out and promoted into very high positions!

Next she reveals that her husband is/was one of the men who are part of the world wide intelligence  crowd who (by proxy) start phony wars…, assassinate people…, control the flow of drugs, etc…   ALL FOR THE GOAL OF SELLING WEAPONS and CONTROLLING THE WORLD!

Next she states that through her “husband” and his crowd…, she met huge drug lords, and other people involved in world wide crime.  She said her husband was basically so casual about it…, that it was strange.  “This is the way it is…”  He had told her at the time.

(Remember…, this man…, George Griggs was a Marine Colonel…, and was involved in huge amounts of CRIME while he was in the US military…, along with huge swaths of the US MILITARY TOP BRASS!)

Next, she talks about programs where “Young Boys”  called “rising stars” are brought under MIND CONTROL in order to corrupt them…, and TURN THEM into very BAD ADULT MEN!  (Again…, done by the MILITARY!)  This was done both in the US and all over the world.

Many of the “drugs” coming into the USA are flown in huge planes that land on MILITARY BASES!

45 – 60 Minutes

She states once again:  The world wide Drug Flow is being Controlled by Military Officers (and the CIA).  Also she states there are many banks involved in “laundering the drug money”  (cash).

Next she talks about how many of these men were part of a certain “brotherhood”!

Next online script:  Watch Video called:  Brotherhood of Darkness!

Next she talks about how “chemicals” and “biologicals” are used by certain members of the military to “kill off” those who are not in support of their “BROTHERHOOD”…

Next she connects this “brotherhood” to the GERMAN NAZI’s.

Next huge reveal is that the CHEMICAL WEAPONS that were given to Sadam Hussein were MADE IN THE USA!   Sadam did NOT make them…, the USA made them!  Next she says that people from Iraq were “trained” in the USA to build chemical plants and were also trained how to make chemical weapons!

Next she calls all of the men who are part of this “group”  members of THE FIRM!

Finally she is asked if there is ANYONE at all…, in the TOP BRASS who is not a part of this!  Her answer is that there is NO ONE who does not know about it.  Also…, they are a party to it…, by not exposing it!

She talked about the “ceremony” of initiation that every “bird colonel” must go through…, which is very much SECRET SOCIETY stuff!

She states that EVERYONE who gets that rank must do this!

(These are RITUAL SATANIC CEREMONIES that include getting the initiate really drunk and then putting them in a coffin – having anal sex with other men – etc…)



































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