I have posted the entire 8 hour interview of Kay Griggs several times here on Love Truth Site over the last 8 years!  However, because it is now the end of 2022, I do believe people are finally starting to listen to it and take it seriously.

I think (sadly) that so many people just could not bear to hear what she was saying about our country and about the high level military who were in bed with criminals, and now with everything that is coming out about TWITTER and the FBI, people are starting to look at Kay Griggs much differently.

Kay Griggs is a Christian and a beautifully courageous lady who prays to God daily!  Her interview was one of pure bravery and total faith in God.

Please watch:

Watch on Rumble:

Here is just (One) of the posts I made in March of 2016) which is getting close to 7 years ago!

The Kay Griggs Interviews-1998-Satanism in the Military (Full Length)

Please take some time to watch what this lady has to say!

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