I found this a compelling speculative report.  I am providing a direct link to Kerry’s site.


A speculative article by Kerry Cassidy

(Disclaimer:  I was unable to find any mountain by that name in Ukraine although I have been told about it by a secret source.  The above photo may or may not be the mountain referred to). 

Part two of two DARK TO LIGHT

As we come up on the date for the destruction (closing) of the GIANT PORTAL IN UKRAINE, the real purpose behind the NATO INCURSION AND STAND OFF with PUTIN can be revealed.  THE KHAZARS ARE BLOOD DRINKING REPTILIAN HORDES under command of the Draco-Reptilian-Grey alliance also known as the Luciferian Rebellion.  The Khazars are linked to this age old sacrificial cult going back to the beginning of human occupation of Earth.  

What humans are now engaged in is a war to take back the planet against our age old enemies that have infiltrated and genetically re-engineered our genome time and again.  For more on this see the Ashayana Deane Voyager Books.  

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