This interview is both PROFOUND and EPIC!   I am posting it due to it’s supreme importance!  The lady being interviewed is a former “Illuminati Family Member” who was tortured and programmed.

She is a high functioning Autistic so the Interview is hard to follow sometimes…., PLEASE PERSEVERE!

The most important topics she covers is how the CIA/SHADOW GOVERNMENT is using every method of FREQUENCIES and WAVES to “target” humanity.

She talks about targeted individuals and how tortured they really are.

Now…, I have the greatest respect for Kerry Cassidy!  Her work has been crucial for mankind…, however…, in this one interview she comes across as “under-whelming” and “robotic”.

The real reason she comes across like this is she has NO REAL IDEA of the gravity and the importance of the information she is hearing, or the witness she has stumbled upon!

It’s that simple!

NO ONE…, I mean NO ONE who has never been through this kind of torture…, or who has not been a TI (Targeted Individual) can ever “really know” how horrible…, how pervasive…, and how truly evil this all is.

Therefore…, when she “should” be supremely UPSET upon hearing the witnesses testimony…, she just is not!

Still, KUDOS for getting the information out.  I can only tell you from personal experience that she is right on…, and that this stuff is very REAL!

Take special note of how she says that many of the people who are given “IMPLANTS” had them put there so that their minds could be tuned to receive communications from AI (Artificial Intelligence).

She says that (just like Shane Bales) that there is a very EVIL AI that the Illuminati is working with to take over the Earth!

Thus – it is (in many cases) the “AI” that is tormenting and torturing REAL PEOPLE – and attempting to MIND CONTROL THEM.

Note: Take special notice of how she talks about PLASMA and it’s importance.  This is a huge clue.


Here is Interview TWO!  I think this one is more important!


Here is interview ONE!


Please…, for GODS sake…, pass this information around!  Make sure everyone sees it!

All my love…..



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