By: Bradley Loves


As I’ve said (many times) I visit a lot of blogs and websites daily… (looking for people telling the truth)…., and rarely find it!

However…, today…, I did find a small statement hidden in one of KP (Kauilapele’s) blog posts that was extremely truthful…, so I thought I would point it out!

He has been covering the Dimensions of Disclosure Conference happening in Ventura California.

And the single most important “Truth Fact” that slipped out was this one from Leon Isaac Kennedy…

…the dark ones have their “prayer lists”, too, just as lightworkers do…the dark side takes ‘prayer’ very seriously; they ‘pray’ for hours on end and WE have to do the same to counteract that…their level of discipline is intense and so must OURS be…


You see, I could WRITE A BOOK on just how much more seriously the “DARK ONES” take their religion than the so called “New Agers” do.

The “good side” has millions and millions of people who can’t be bothered to pray more than 15 minutes a day…, or meditate more than an hour or so one time a week!

These dark people are extremely focused on bringing Real Evil onto the Earth plane of Reality.

They get together in large groups (many times they are ordered and paid to do so) and pray intensely for hours and hours and hours each day for bad things to happen to good people…, and for Lucifer’s success!



I’ve known for years that this is going on…, and I’ve tried to tell “light-workers” that their ridiculous claims of being “oh so spiritual” just because they claim to PRAY FOR THE PLANET a whole 10 minutes a day is laughable!

I wrote about this HERE:


They have no idea what REAL PRAYER IS…., and how intensely the DARK PEOPLE PRAY to their demon gods.

They are outmatched and outgunned!

This is another reason why we are seeing such little progress in the move toward a more LOVING and BENEFICIAL REALITY!


The truth is that we far outnumber them…, by 10 to 1 or more…, but…, those who CLAIM to be on the side of good are LAZY…, GULLIBLE…, and lack focus!

They think that the dark ones “never pray”…., and I don’t know who told them this, or how they got this fake idea into their heads!

(Perhaps it is because they never look into what the “dark side” is doing…, because they DENY that dark even exists)!

Therefore…, they “think” (wrongly) that any minimal daily effort they as light workers put forth (5 to 10 minutes a day) is:


This is an epic mis-calculation and an erroneous assumption of universal proportions.

The truth is that New Agers and Light Workers have no idea what it means to really pray…, because they have never done it to the degree they need to!

To really pray…, means to do it for hours and hours and hours (10 hours a day…, just like the dark ones do)!

To really pray means to do it with intensity and with sincerity…, and to do it constantly visualizing the outcome they want without stopping.

When (and if) this finally happens…, only THEN will the claims that light workers have been making for well over a decade or two… (that their presence here on Earth is counter balancing the dark ones)…., be in any way close to the TRUTH!

Thanks KP for printing one thing that is “very truthful”, and since you did…, I called attention to it!

All my love….


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