By: Bradley Loves


In his latest post (October 3rd 2016) Ben Fulford confirms something that Mark Passio, Jay Parker, Svali, Cathy O’brien, and countless others have said…

The entire world wide power structure and power elite are SATANIC!

This is something that I’ve written about consistently AND have done my best to expose!

You can see a copy of his latest posted here:

The ONLY problem with getting this information out…, and actually outright INTERFERANCE that has surfaced when trying to expose this material…, (as HARD as it may be to believe) has come directly from the NEW AGE…, and those who follow that religion!!!

Completely TAKEN in their minds by channeled material…, they absolutely REFUSE to acknowledge what is really happening on the Earth…., and like ANNA VON REITZ are in deep DENAIL.

As if their very lives depend upon “OVERLOOKING EVERYTHING”…., (read: non-judgement)…., the leaders and writers of the NEW AGE specifically ignore, debunk, and challenge any material that comes out to try to tell the masses what is really happening upon their planet.

With EGO’s the size of galaxies…, the leaders of the NEW AGE see themselves as some sort of FILTERS…, or TEACHERS who need to “interpret” what the UNIVERSE is really all about to the lowly masses who they feel (in their arrogance) are not capable of making their OWN DECISIONS about what they are soon to be seeing, feeling, understanding, and knowing.

Instead…, in the greatest tradition of the CABAL…, (whose only real “tool” is constant secrecy and deception)…, the leaders of the NEW AGE have adopted a system of holding back real information, and then SPINNING the small amount that they do share with their readers…, only because it is their belief that it is THEY who must be the leaders of the rest of the uninformed masses…, and therefore ANYTHING GOES IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE THAT!

Even hiding the TRUTH from others.

Tell me…, what is the difference between what the CABAL does, and what the NEW AGE bloggers and writers have recently been doing?

They (collectively) are walking down the very SAME ROAD of mind control, information control…, spoon fed ideas…, and every other dark thing that the CABAL has done to manage and manipulate the opinion and perceptions of others!

When will they… (the writers and bloggers) of the NEW AGE just start telling it like it is, and let the PEOPLE that they are supposedly writing for…, decide for themselves what they think about it???

And I DARE THESE PEOPLE to say they are not doing this!!

Here is my challange to all of these writers:

Take a good look in the mirror…, read your own blogs and websites…, and consider ALL of the very important information over the last 2 or 3 years that has come out about what is really going on here on the planet…., that you HAVE CENSORED!

There are hundreds of things that you will just not PUBLISH…, and that my dear friends is called:  CENSORSHIP!

What else could it be??

That is called steering opinion…, that is called “spin”…,  that is called:


And you (YES YOU…, NEW AGE WRITERS AND BLOGGERS) have done this without even thinking that you were doing the EXACT SAME THING that the CABAL DOES!

Very few writers are willing to publish what is happening here on the planet…, and tell it like it is…, no MATTER how bad it gets or where it leads!

That is what makes blogs like mine different!


And it is the TRUTH…, that will set you FREE!

(Censorship will not)

All my love….

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