By: Bradley Loves

I’m going to post a News Story found on FOX NEWS.  This story, is very carefully crafted (magically) and it is very likely a STAGED EVENT.

The reasons for my saying so are purely intuitive and based in logic!

The story in question is here, which I invite you to read:


As horrible as this story sounds…, the last paragraph is the big “reveal” for anyone who has a BULLSH*T meter working at all.


Coltharp is said to be a survivalist and “doomsday prepper” who doesn’t believe in modern medicine, according to court documents. His ex-wife also said Coltharp carried a pistol and threatened to send a police officer or child care worker “to the next life” if they took away his children.


This is classic FBI/CIA bullsh*t in my opinion.  It could be the people in the story are PAID actors. (We may never really know).

Everything on the “LIST” that the CIA/FBI hates is right here, and what they “want” is YOU the reader to “hate” these people as well!

The so called “perp” of this story is:

  • A survivalist
  • A Prepper
  • Does not “believe” in modern medicine
  • (Probably does not believe in vaccinations)
  • Carries a “pistol”. (Gun owner)
  • Threatens or hates Cops and Government “Authorities” namely Child Services.

All of these behaviors are HIGH on the hit list of the rogue FBI/CIA and therefore (FAKE) stories of people who are like this will be coming out on MSM outlets.

The hope is that people will start to HATE anyone who does any of the above things.

Psy-op/Social Steering  Achived.

BE CAREFUL WITH NEW STORIES LIKE THIS ONE…, it is a good bet that it was “staged”. (If it happened at all).


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