By: Bradley Loves


I doubt very much that “we” as a collective have even the tiniest grip on what is actually going on behind the scenes.

As I scroll through Internet Blogs and Websites for the last few days, I get the feeling that there is a sort of self congratulatory celebration going on because SO MUCH is finally starting to come out!

Is 2 percent of the total picture really all that much to celebrate about?


There is SO MUCH EVIL that has been going on for so long, and has been ALLOWED to go on, that most normal human beings could not possibly wrap their minds around it.

This huge “disconnect” between fantasy and reality, or rather the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE that we are seeing here was aided and abetted by a wholly irresponsible NEW AGE MEDIA (not alternative media) who spent an entire decade misleading their readers.

This NEW AGE MEDIA (backed by the Luciferians who created the New Age movement itself) forcefully pushed the idea on the unsuspecting public masses that ALL EVIL on Earth had been stopped long ago, and that every single one of us were on the verge of an imminent ASCENSION.

With this FAKE NEWS STORY circulating all over the world for almost a decade…, it is very easy to see why most men and women are going to be shocked and appauled if and when they SEE the REAL and TRUTHFUL nature of the abject EVIL that is still operating on this planet.

Believe it or not the DARK CABAL always has agents who play on the “good side”.

They are there for mis-direction, mis-information, and deception!

The NEW AGE MEDIA (in my opinion) has countless CABAL operatives who are running websites selling psychic readings, oils, and tarot cards…., while at the same time PUSHING certain CHANNELED MESSAGES which gibly declare:    THE LIGHT HAS WON!

I’ve been reading such proclamations for over a decade now!

The difficulty for most of the truly uneducated readers out there in “Internet Land” is they do not realize that the LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS consider Lucifer to be the bringer of the LIGHT!

If they would simply try (please try) to understand this one simple fact…, then they would be far less apt to get taken in by these fake NEW AGE BLOGS, or what I am calling the: NEW AGE MEDIA.

Read these words from Helena Blavatsky herself!!


What does Albert Pike say:

Do you see what I’m saying here?

When you see certain blogs and websites making huge and sudden proclamations that the LIGHT HAS WON…, you need to get a grip on yourself and ask which VERSION OF LIGHT are they talking about.

Is it the Satanic Version or the Loving Version?

How easy it is for a Magician or an Illusionist to fool people who are NOT USED TO THINKING.

By using similar words.., they can make people (see things that are not there).

And, just in case you are NOT AWARE…, Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary) is openly celebrating the New Year of 2018 by sending hugs and lots of love to the CHURCH OF SATAN!!

See this link from

Chelsea Clinton wished The Church of Satan a Happy New Year Tuesday during an exchange on social media.
Amid a Twitter conversation with American model Chrissy Teigen, the former first daughter discussed how she had found herself in numerous threads with the Satanic church the previous year.

“In 2017, @ChurchofSatan & I were put on a few threads together,” Clinton said. “In 2018, it’s… @Hooters. What a time to be alive Chrissy!”

The official Church of Satan Twitter account responded to Clinton moments after.

“The never ending excitement here is never ending,” the church tweeted.

Clinton excitedly tweeted back, noting that it had “been so long” since their last discussion before wishing the church a Happy New Year.

The Satanic organization replied with equal excitement, likewise offering pleasantries regarding 2018.

“Same to you, here’s to a great 2018!”

The Church of Satan was established in San Francisco, California, in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey.

Also known as the Black Pope, LaVey reportedly engaged in cannibalism according to his authorized biography.


Let’s take a GOOD LOOK folks.

Here is the logo for the CHURCH OF SATAN, right next to Blavatsky’s logo for her NEW AGE SOCIETY called the Theosophical Society.

The third is Albert Pikes (33rd Degree Freemason) Medal.

Don’t you think that Chelsea Clinton believes that LUCIFER/SATAN is the “Bringer of the LIGHT”, just like the rest of the high level Freemasons do? (Including Blavatsky who started the NEW AGE)

What is really disturbing is that even though all of the CRIMES of her parents are (apparently) coming out into the open…, young miss Clinton does not seem to be a bit worried about any of it at all…, and says to a fellow Satanist:

“What a great time to be alive”,  in a tweet to the CHURCH OF SATAN.


Do you suppose that in the Grand Tradition of Magic Shows and Vegas Night Club Acts…, this whole entire…

“They are all finally getting caught Thing”

….is nothing more than SMOKE AND MIRRORS?

Could it all be a “WAG THE DOG” stage show for our benefit?

Have we SEEN any actual arrests being made yet?

Chelsea Clinton (and the Church of Satan) do not seem to be worried in the least about such things, and are actually “enjoying” the never ending EXCITEMENT of it all.

How long  has this FREEMASON/LUCIFERIAN/ANCIENT PAGAN RELIGION been going on?  (For Thousands of Years?)

Who really runs the world, and what is really going on behind the scenes?

Thus the title for this post:


Having exposed 2 percent of the total EVIL happening here on Earth is not having EXPOSED EVERYTHING.

And continuing to listen to and believe fake CHANNELED MESSAGES which tell us that the LIGHT HAS WON…, is a nod to how deeply these Luciferians have infiltrated into the minds of supposedly loving people.

Unfortunately, JFK never got to reveal the plot that he was talking about.


Instead of exposing the plot…, this is what AMERICA GOT as a result of his murder… (A picure is worth a thousand words)

LAVEY/07NOV97/MN/WARD–The High Priestess Karla LaVey held the hand of a wax statue of her father Anton LaVey at a press conference announcing his death. By Brant Ward/Chronicle


NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 25: Miley Cyrus attends the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center on August 25, 2013 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)



Almost every single one of these “MASTERS” have been proven to be CON ARTISTS!!





Here is the TRUTH…, the one thing that YOU can still not yet admit to yourself!





All my love…




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