By: Bradley Loves


This is the most important issue we face…, and is the correct place to start the New Year!!

We can NOT move forward as a species while we hold onto the idea that secrecy is somehow a very “necessary” part of our survival.

Does this sound crazy to you??

I have said several times in many articles that it is my belief that “off worlders”…, those who are not from “here” are desperately trying to “TAKE” planet Earth (our home) away from those who were born here.

Just like the criminal BLM is doing all over America…, it is basically a LAND GRAB.

As you know…, “land grabs” must be done “secretly” in the dead of night…, from behind the scenes…, if they are going to succeed!

Those men and women who “work” for and “support” agencies who do LAND GRABS…, know full well that they are doing things that most people do not want them to do…, and therefore send “SECRET” e-mails, and “SECRET” messages to one another (hidden from public view) while they plan to do things that they KNOW the public would not want.

In much the same way…, we have human men and women (minions) of off world entities who are actively and SECRETLY working toward an “agenda” which hands over the EARTH to beings who want it badly.

EVERYTHING you are seeing as a manifested “event” on Earth is simply a “cog” in that wheel of planetary takeover.

SECRECY is what is allowing this to take place!   NATIONAL SECURITY is the “tool” or the “board” that the fictional USA CORP. is using to hit every human being over the head with…, in order to achieve this dastardly goal.

Those men and women who are “apologists” for lying and deception…, (including countless NEW AGERS) are helping the liars to achieve their nefarious goals.

We can NOT tolerate deception in our midst if we would sort out what is really happening on our planet.

We have to be “smarter” than this!!

Many readers on my blog (who used to think of themselves as New Agers) have come to realize that just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to lies and deceptions…, and are now actively working AGAINST SECRECY!

This is a good thing…, and needs to continue!

They have “taken a stand” against tolerating men and women who LIE…, including those so-called leaders who were placed upon lofty high perches by the Channeling Community.

One single example (there are many) is Barack Obama!

Barack Obama…., has done nothing BUT LIE…, ever since he got himself into office…, and some of these lies have been EPIC!

Many spiritual men and women…, have watched from the sidelines for 8 long years, saying and doing NOTHING about this…, even though I have pointed it out over and over again.

For some reason…, they (having been totally brainwashed by Channelers) came to the (false) conclusion that telling LIES…, OMITTING DATA…, and HIDING & COVERING UP THE TRUTH…, was “acceptable” spiritual behavior!!

My question (to those who think this way) is this:

How can you believe THIS…, and still call yourselves SPIRITUAL??

What are you smoking??   How did your mind get so warped??

Since when did the “ends” justify the “means” become the battle cry for LOVE and TRUTH?

Some of Obama’s EPIC lies:

  • Contuing the 9/11 false Narrative
  • The Sandy Hook Drill (Gun Grab)
  • The Benghazi Debacle
  • The fake killing of Osama bin Laden
  • The “unfortunate” murder of the Entire Navy Seal Team Six (the Seal Team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden)
  • The deception that he was “born” in the US, and has valid credentials to be President.
  • The deception that he is a heterosexual male, when he is gay.
  • The deception that he is Christian, when he is a Muslim.
  • The Boston Marathon “Crisis Actor” event.
  • The continued HIDING of the Secret Space Program
  • The continued HIDING of criminal activity of the global banking system.
  • The continued HIDING of criminal activity within his own administration…, including all of the many crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.

This top of my head list…, could actually be hundreds of bullet points long!!

This man…, LIED…, DECIEVED…, HID INFORMATION…, and COVERED UP important data…, in order to keep it from WE the people!

Someone please tell me what I am missing about this man???

This is not only far from SPIRITUAL…., but 100 percent SATANIC!

No CHANNELER who has ever defended this behavior (in the last 8 years) can ever be trusted again!!

I could list about a dozen channelers off the top of my head you need to DUMP immediately and permanently!

Now…, for those who still want to read and to “believe” these channelers…, I really feel sorry for you!  That is all I can say…, and I wish there was something I could do  to help.

You have been CONNED in the worst way possible!   You have been spoon fed fake information (once again) by a “RELIGION” that you felt had your best interests at heart!  This is NOT true.

You were swayed by soft words…, and loving pats on your head…, by beings who are TRAINED to LIE…, and know exactly how to deliver such lies in order to be believed!

ONLY through critical thinking (logic) and using our mind to question things, are we collectively able to see past and through these LIES!

We need to discern and “judge” what we are being told…, REGARDLESS of which entity or so called “Angel” or “Master”…, is telling us this stuff.

Those who have been apologists for the LIARS…, and those who DECIEVE…, and aided and helped in a LAND GRAB!

They have assisted OFF WORLDERS in getting a better “foothold” upon planet Earth by DEFENDING secrecy…, and tolerating lies.

Instead of becoming humanities HELPERS…, they have become humanities enemies!

My question is this:

Which side are you on??

Which “team” do you play for??

Are you on TEAM DARK? (As the New Agers like to call it)  Or, are you on TEAM LIGHT??

Here’s a clue for you people…, LIGHT does not deceive!  LOVE does not LIE or tell untruths.

Love/Light operates transparently and in the light of day.

DARK operates in the shadows and from behind the scenes, and it uses lies and deceptions to achieve it goals and aims.

Just when did so many “light workers” switch loyalties and end up working for TEAM DARK??

If you supported Barack Obama and his lies…, you most definitely supported TEAM DARK.



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