By: Bradley Loves


The only real problem we are facing in this world is the failure to tell the TRUTH!

Bradley Loves


Human beings are convinced that telling lies is an “important” part of life.

They have been conned into thinking that deciet is a very necessary “evil” and what is more…, DOES NOT HURT ANYONE.

Nothing could be further from the TRUTH.

Lies and Deciet are 100 percent POISON to the natural system that our minds and bodies operate in.

Deception is the “anti-life” vibration in frequency terms.

The very moment that a “lie” is sent forth…, it seeks to destroy everything good and healthy in it’s path!  On an unseen level…, it is like spewing out acid onto everything  it touches!

Now…, most people do NOT SEE…, or can NOT SEE…, the truth of this.  Even the “New Ager’s” have APOLOGIZED over and over and over again for lying and liars, therefore “proving” how little they really know!

Here’s my question to them…,

HOW  “spiritual” can you really be if you can not “see” (and we’re talking about the unseen effect) of what really happens out in the ethers when lying and deception are used to fool people on a daily basis?

If they can not see the deranged and twisted particles that are formed from the use of deception…, then I’m sorry…, THEY TOO…, must be 100 percent “completely” blind!



And…, as President TRUMP said in the funny video I just posted…,

“I don’t think they CARE”!

Well remember this video?

Our good friend Mark Passio talked about the “Lost Principle of CARE”…, which is a hugely important aspect of NATURAL LAW.

You see…, let’s get ONE THING STRAIGHT…, YOU HAVE TO “CARE”.

You have to care about our world and what happens to it!!


Do you realize that most of the NEW AGE…,  “fake” teachings (coming from channelers) actually lead us to the conclusion that it is OKAY to “NOT CARE” about what is happening in our world!

Study this closely and you’ll see that it is the TRUTH.

And..,  being “very lazy”…, huge numbers of New Agers are perfectly on board with the idea that “NOT CARING” about anything is the perfect way to handle everything  life throws at them.


Not CARING…, is the path to TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

It is actually “Anti-Life”.

And, as I’ve written before…, anything that is “anti-life” is:   SATANIC

The SATANISTS were the ones who created the “NEW AGE”.

Well…, more precisely it was the “FREEMASONS” who created it…, but it was the very same Freemasons who believe that LUCIFER is the true GOD of the Universe!

As you can see in the link below…, the early magazine of the Freemasons was actually called: THE NEW AGE!


As you can see in this next slide…, Madam Helena Balvatsky…, (Author of The Secret Doctrine) has some very strange beliefs about LUCIFER!

However…, New Ager’s (who have never even read THE SECRET DOCTRINE, and don’t “CARE TO”…) choose instead to see Blavatsky as some sort of hero because of this picture where she claims to have been a close ally of men like:  Saint Germaine.


The “point” of this post…, if you’ve still failed to see what I’m getting at is this:


Telling lies and using deception is a very “anti-life” practice…, and sadly most of humanity has been “conned” into thinking that it somehow…, is not a big thing!



So next time you start to engage in telling lies…, try to realize what is happening around you on an “UNSEEN” level…, in the vibratory patterns and in the frequency “soup” we all live in.

All my love…








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