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In my conversations with Andy Basiago, and in watching many of the lectures that he has given publicly over several years which can be found on Youtube, I have heard and seen him talk about 8 different types of QUANTUM ACCESS TRAVEL…, i.e. TIME TRAVEL!


He has said that our “Secret Military” (DARPA) had 8 different operational types of Quantum Access that were already up and running.


One of those forms of Quantum Access is called: PLASMA CONFINEMENT!


Therefore, imagine my surprise when I read this article from ZeroHedge just last night, and found it talking about a brand New Patent that Lockheed Martin had gotten for a Nuclear Fusion Reactor that was small enough to fit on, and power a “fighter jet”!

See this link:


However, what is really important to remember is that in the grand scheme of things, the public is NEVER really told what is actually happening, and anything that we are being “told” is usually a “RED HERRING” that we are supposed to just swallow like good little sheep who don’t know anything different and BELIEVE what they tell us!


The real part of interest in this article from Zerohedge is the “subject matter of the patent in question”!


Here is the actual TITLE of the patent that was given to Lockheed Martin according to Zerohedge:  “Encapsulating Magnetic Fields for Plasma Confinement”

So, just to repeat myself for a second time here, Andy Basaigo told me privately, and said many times in his video lectures which can be found on Youtube, that one of the 8 forms of Quantum Access being regularly used by DARPA is called:  PLASMA CONFINEMENT.

This process was actually developed years ago by Dr. Sterling Colgate of Los Alamos National Labs!

See this downloadable pdf. File on Dr. Sterling Colgate

Now…, the most IMPORTANT LINE in this entire bio of Sterling Colgate is this line here:

He then led the helical magnetic fusion confinement program at LLNL for 8 years…


Andy told me many times that it was Dr. Colgate’s “Magnetic Plasma Confinement” process which allowed him to “appear to”, and “interact with”, people from the past, as if he were really physically there with them!

This “process” by the way, was already being used in the early 1970’s, when Andy was just a boy!

In this way, Andy was able to see Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, and appear to be there, and actually “interact” with the people that were there at the event, without having to physically go backward in TIME.

Even though he was only 11 or 12 years old at the time, Andy said that Dr. Colgate had called the entire process of simulated TIME TRAVEL: PLASMA CONFINEMENT!

And now…, in 2018 we’ve suddenly got LOCKHEED MARTIN telling us in a Zerohedge article about a patent they just got that is titled:  ENCAPSULATING MAGNETIC FIELDS FOR PLASMA CONFINEMENT!

Well, well, well…, REALLY???

LOCKHEED MARTAN  ” “SAYS” ” – Dr. Evil Air quotes intentional here…, that this is a patent “only” for a Nuclear Fusion Reactor – and that this reactor will Be able to “RUN” a fighter jet as it flies through the air like the normal power plant otherwise would do.

Perhaps this is so…, but here is the much BIGGER, and by the way FAR MORE IMPORTANT QUESTION!!

Is this ALL that it can do?    Capitalization on “ALL” is very intentional!!

What else can a generator or a power plant for MAGNETIC PLASMA CONFINEMENT do ???   What can it achieve??

With a name like:  ENCAPSULATING MAGNETIC FIELDS FOR PLASMA CONFINEMENT...,  it is highly likely that this “Fighter Jet” will be able to do FAR MORE than just fly through the air under the power of a nuclear fusion reactor!

What is MORE likely (and I am 100 percent sincere about this) is that this FIGHTER JET will be able to slip through TIME and appear in other dimensions, realms, or even appear to go to other worlds!

It would be able to interact with the people living in those dimensions, realms, or worlds (for a short period of time) and then simply “SLIP” back into our own space time as if it had never left!

That is quite a FIGHTER JET…, don’t you think??

And, it’s certainly quite a “DIFFERENT TYPE” of figher jet than the one that you are being told about in the media article that describes it.

(Maybe they just “forgot” to tell us a few things??)

Isn’t it typical of the military to say ONE THING…, but actually DO quite another??

Now…, what kind of “plans” do you think that they would have for a WEAPON like a “fighter Jet” that could possibly SLIP into other dimensions, realms, time-spaces, or even possibly go to other worlds??

Something for you to think about while you contemplate the FACT that you are rarely told the entire TRUTH, and instead are usually given a partial TRUTH with a WHOLE BUNCH LEFT OUT! (And the large hole that is left over as a reasult is usually filled with BULLSH*T)


Do we as AMERICANS really need to be sending FIGHTER JETS to other space-times?   Do we need to be fighting “wars” in other realms or even in other dimensions for crying out loud??

If they are going to use OUR MONEY to build these, should’nt WE know about it??


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  1. John

    Jordan is getting it out there too !
    Listen as from 10.30min…

  2. John

    I’m not a scientirst but to read between the lines here is a no brainer.
    I’m not sure what exactly they are going to use this for, but asuming Bradleys contact with Andy Basiago, the direction where this is heading, doesn’t feel good at all.
    Tell me, when in history was a military ” invention ” ever used for the benefit of makind ?
    Never thus….
    So this sucks big time.
    Why not contact Mr. Basiago, and ask for his opinion Bradley ?

  3. herb4brad

    April fools jokes aside. If as you suggest this plasma confinement technique enables a fighter jet to slip into other dimensions or timelines then the personel in that craft would then be having to cope with the disparity of reality vibrationally. Energetically speaking we in 2018 are in quite a different environment than say in a time 6000 years ago. (That’s on planet Earth). When you start moving into a much higher dimension the possibility exists that one would need to be confined in quarantine of some sort until it would be safe for our traveller to be exposed to those advanced beings and a quite different reality. I imagine certain protocols of time and dimensional travel will need to be adhered to. One also has to contend with the fact that as we live in a “Matrix” we would then be traversing into another quite different matrix and our minds would need to be temporarily adjusted to function. There are so many permutations of reality one would be “gate crashing”. In some cases it may be instant extinction for the interloper. Earth is in a way an experimental planet and also quarantined because of the extremely negative and evil forces of enslavement. With the present mind frame of the humans who are “in charge”, toxic and psychopathically hi-jacked humanity needs to be “repaired” before we can finally be let loose into the Cosmos. We are about to make that giant step and I believe entities out there have been waiting a long time to witness this. Countless numbers of evolved souls have also been waiting eons for this time before they can be able to advance to those higher levels that they deserve to go to. There are humans right now here on earth who I believe are able because of their developed abilities they are able to time travel and slip into different dimensions without the aid of some patented technology. Advanced beings are here also keeping an eye on things and also fulfilling important tasks unbeknownst to the zombified masses. Finally these experiments in time are ill advised at this time. Often it will not end well.

  4. Well, this could be a clue to Russia
    because on Putin´s presentments about his latest
    military equipment few weeks ago.

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