By: Bradley Loves

Today’s Democratic Party is using NOTHING but pure EMOTION to rule it’s thoughts, behaviors, and actions!

It is dictating to all Americans exactly what we collectively should “think”, “say”, and “do”.

These highly emotional ideas (sadly) are many times without logic and without reason and thus they are therefore without any basis in sanity!

The Identity Politics of the left seems to be custom made for emotion to run amok…, and in the current 2020 Presidential Bid we are seeing NOTHING BUT PURE EMOTION from every single one of the Democratic Candidates!

Logic and Reasoning has been thrown out of the window as useless and therefore “balance” has also been cast aside as well.

The Gays, the Trans-genders, the Feminists, the Socialists, and thus most of the “progressives” have build their entire thought pattern on victimization and oppression.

This again is pure emotion run amok and leaves no room for logic and reason in America any longer.


Balance, and thus peace, can never be achieved without both parts of the above equation.   It is scientific and purely mathematical.  It can’t be done any other way.

LOGIC = the MALE polarity

EMOTION = the FEMALE polarity

BALANCE = the blending of polarities.

The current day Democratic Party is acting like an emotionally raging female on the worst day of her monthly cycle!  This is not hyperbole’ – but totally obvious to anyone with real eyes to see!

They are casting aspersions at anything “logical” or “reasonable” that gets in the way of their feelings and going all out and hog wild on PURE EMOTION!

Oh and by the way…, All Whites everywhere…, need to apologize to all blacks everywhere for slavery that happened 150 to 250 years ago (even though no whites who even did that are alive today…, and no blacks who were slaves are alive today).

Furthermore…, even though no blacks alive today were EVER slaves…, every black needs to be paid and reimbursed for the AFFRONT of slavery done to millions of black people they (modern day blacks) NEVER EVEN KNEW.

So much for logic.

Tucker Carlson has a few thoughts on the issue after the 2nd Democratic Debate:







Can you say INSANE??

This is pure emotion run amok and is just as DESTRUCTIVE as two females in a cat fight over the last pair of designer shoes in a popular department store!

It is just DUMB!

The allegory of the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible addresses this problem EXACTLY!



In the Garden of Eden Story…, it was EVE or EMOTION that gave in to Satan (the Serpent’s) Temptation.

Adam (man) or LOGIC did not!

Logic was happy in the Garden…, Emotion was NOT happy…, and no matter how much human beings try to ignore this fact…, it plays out on the stage of our world over and over and over again EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Man (logic) is usually happy with what he has and can do without…, Woman (emotion) wants more and more and more!

This is why it could be said that the FAR LEFT of the Democratic Party (not the centrists) are as OUT OF BALANCE as they can possibly be.

And look who the contenders are:

Many women (feminists), an openly gay man, a socialist, and countless weak and emotional men!



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