By: Bradley Loves


NOTHING in this world is as it seems!!

No matter how many times I write or say something like this…, the words on the page can’t convey the true meaning of the message…., “IF” those reading the words don’t take the time to LOOK DEEPLY (meaning investigate throughly) their long time held beliefs!!

What we see happening on our global stage…, is the perfect example of (dare I even say it?) …..shallow thinking!!

Nothing “deep” going on there!!

It is just “shoot” from the hip emotions…, being “stimulated” by the “criminal media”…, (no longer just whores)…, who know exactly how to “package” a story in order to “create” an emotional response!

For example:

So many articles (and long videos) have been done about the “TAVISTOCK” Institute…, and it’s incredible “training” methods given to all media personalities (of any consequence) before they are allowed on the airwaves.

Do you realize when you are watching any of the “criminal media” personalities…, that they have been professionally trained by “think tanks” to have the maximum affect upon your SUB-CONSIOUS MIND??

Let that sink in…, they have been “trained” in MIND CONTROL tactics.

What about HOLLYWOOD…, or the MUSIC INDUSTRY??

This one single site right here…, should be a “must visit” at least once a week to keep up with all of the Symbols of MIND CONTROL being placed into movies and music AS WE SPEAK!!

These “symbols” and “signs” are highly “charged” magnetically by those who practice BLACK MAGIC and are meant to have a comprehensive (even if unseen) affect upon the masses.

Isn’t it about time that “we” as ADULTS stopped taking the entire world for granted…, and started looking under the shallow surface of what appears to be “out there” in order to uncover the TRUTH of what is hidden much more deeply?

How can we do that…, if we are “unwilling” to LOOK DEEPER??

Why must “we” only take everything we have been.., and are being “TOLD” by others as gospel??

This is the actual METHOD of our slavery!!

To NOT ask questions…, and question “authority”…, (ALL AUTHORITY”) is to willingly consent to being ENSLAVED!

There is a “series” being put out by Anna Von Reitz – on the “Maine Repubic” website…, and is simply entitled…, “Stop Being Stupid”…

Here is a link to her last installment…, number 28….

I have been downloading each installment only because there is so much information in each one.

Now…, in addition to the need to LOOK DEEPER…, you also have to be careful!


The evil players in positions of power and authority…, have raised the “stakes” in the game “dis-information” and “mis-information” game.

We are no longer sitting at the $5.00 dollar a hand Black Jack table in Vegas…, where all you can loose is a few bucks if you make the wrong bet!!

Those tables have all been closed down!

The only tables operating any longer are the $500.00 dollar a hand tables and higher!  So if you “make” the wrong bet…, by reading misleading articles…, and watching misleading videos…, you are LOSING far more time and energy than you used to 10 years ago!

These EVIL players DO NOT want the truth to come out at any costs…, and they see how the Alternative Media has in fact caused them significant problems.

So, in the words of Anna Von Rietz…, STOP BEING STUPID!

As we speak…, the Alternative Media is now being flooded with new websites and new “players” who for all practical purposes seem to be well meaning and loving people.   People just like you and me!

HOWEVER…, they have “opened up shop” for one reason and one reason only…, and that is to CONFUSE and MIS-INFORM YOU!

And, where have they “opened up shop”??

Right on Alternative Media Mainstreet!

They have opened up brand new “Channeling” websites with a new and really “informed” Channeled entity!

They have opened up brand new “even newer” NEW AGE websites talking about the “BULLSH*T” listed in Mark Passio’s NEW AGE BULLSH*T Video and rebranding it, and repushing it in NEW ways.

Most Noticeably…, they have opened up hundreds of  new “SOURCES”…, each one of whom are talking to “INSIDERS”…, and are handing out “REAL TRUTH” in leaked phone calls…, etc…., and telling us things like “General Dunford” is/was President…, Paul Ryan is/was this or that…., the Galactics…, aka…, Syrians, Andromedans, Pleidians…, Blue Avians (pick your favorite) are doing this or that for humanity BEHIND THE SCENES!  (And we should all just sit like good little human sheep and wait for them to get the job done).


Why are they doing this???

According to the Law of One…, and other ESOTERIC gobbedegook…, there is something called:


This is a so called rule…, where by…, those who have chosen the Left Handed Path…, or the path of the dark…, MUST (read:  are required to)  constantly LIE and DECIEVE all of those who are not on the Left Handed Path!

(That is YOU… By the way!)

Because it’s part of their RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM…, they take this VERY SERIOUSLY!

The dark thinks that it’s POWER has only been given to them because they adhere to this ridiculous LAW!

TRILLIONS (not billions) of dollars per year are put into creating MAXIUM CONFUSION AND MIS-INFORMATION by these people.

Who is their “target”??


If you have not thought about this…, then I’m sorry…, you are at a huge disadvantage…, and most likely are LOSING BIG at the 500 dollar a hand information table because you are MAKING THE WRONG BETS!

Here is some important information on the LAW OF CONFUSION:

Taken from here:


Once again…, you have to be “smarter” than the average guy or gal on the street!

These Freemasons are playing a long term game!

They say that it is the Logos’ Plan, that we should seek in relative darkness, in order to appreciate the Light. Were it not for this veil of confusion, Importantly, the Plan wouldn’t afford the accelerated Soul advancement that this polarized freewill plane/density offers. We wouldn’t know the spectrum of suffering and sorrow nor joys and teach/learning which freewill and hence duality provides. Nor would we know Faith, since Diety would be obvious, nor the dharmic and karmic struggle, nor the choice of service/polarity, of which principle to serve, the selfish or selfless dynamic, on which the souls grade is supposedly determined, after many incarnations.

It is the sincere “belief” of these Freemasons that NO MAN anywhere, at any time…, should just be “given the truth”!

Instead…, the “real truth” should ONLY come about after a lifetime of intense and burdensome STRUGGLE…, whereby the “seeker” has been fooled, and fooled, and conned and conned…, over and over and over again!!

In this way…, the STRONG are separated from the weak…, and the true seeker is separated from the one who needs to be “gotten rid of”…

Remember this??


Now do you get it??

Now…, do you understand why it is OKAY (for them) to lie to the “seeker”??

Do you now know why what is written on this next slide is ALSO TRUE??


Can you see what this slide above is REALLY SAYING??


Let me fill you in then…

What it is really saying is that the “cultish” Mystery Religions follow the LAW OF CONFUSION to the letter!

They have never thought, nor have they believed that TRUTH (REAL TRUTH) could be handled or should ever be given to ANYONE who was not a very advanced initiate!!

This is the reason that THEY THEMSELVES have created and maintained every false and fake RELIGION…, on the face of the planet!

They create the “mis-information” inside of “religions”, and then spoon feed it to the willing masses who they consider to be the PROFANE…, and the UNDESERVING!


Because they have not STRUGGLED and WORKED HARD for each single scrap of knowledge they obtained.

So they (according to their beliefs) spoon feed ONLY fake religious teachings to the masses.

And now…, through their collectively “owned” MEDIA…, they are spoon feeding “FAKE NEWS” to the masses as well.


Once again…, it boils down to the Law of Cofusion!!!

They believe the ONLY the smartest and brightest should get the TRUTH (at all).  Only those who work and seek really HARD are worthy of it!

Anyone who just sits there and watches what is given freely thusly DESERVES TO BE LIED TO!!

Let me repeat that so it sinks in….

DESERVE…., TO….., BE….., LIED….., TO……….

That is their “belief”…..,  and that…., is where we are as a planet as we speak….

Now…, I personally do NOT follow their religion…, nor it precepts!

I personally believe that anyone who asks should be given the TRUTH!

But I stand quite alone in this thinking!

Now…, can you understand WHY…, Channeled Messages…, which are the “epitome” of EASY (….You know…, like pressing the EASY BUTTON) are therefore a PRIME part of the deception??

It is a perfect parallel to exactly what the MYSTERY RELIGIONS have been doing with the masses all along!

Anyone who is just willing to “sit there” and listen BLINDLY…, without asking questions or doing research…., to a Channeled Message….

DESERVES…., TO…., BE….., LIED….., TO…….

(In their opinion…, not mine….)

Which is why…, they use advanced technologies (at their disposal) to propagate fake teachings directly into the minds of the PROFANE and UNDESERVING MASSES!

Where is my proof??

How many (of the countless, countless messages)  MILLIONS handed out over the last decade have EVER come true or produced results??


Barack Obama was a Saint!   He was going to “give” us Disclosure!  He was going to help mankind and not help the banks!   We were all going to Ascend!  The Galactics were going to land, and do massive arrests!

Blah…, blah…, blah…….

Blah…, blah…, blah….

Let me tell you something VERY honestly know…, because I’m starting to get just a little tired with repeating it.

My blog…, my website…, is ONE of the few places on the planet where you are EVER going to get the real truth!

The only reason that is so…, is that I DO NOT BEIEVE in the LAW OF CONFUSION!

Every Freemason…, lives and dies by this method!   Oh…, and those who “follow” the LAW OF ONE…, also BELIEVE in this method!

How many people remember Disclosure personalities like David Wilcock freely admitting that he HOLDS BACK far more TRUTH than he hands out?


So that he can personally “vet” new sources…, blah…, blah.., blah…,

And that it is very NECESSARY for his survival…, blah, blah, blah…

(I don’t have such problems…..)

David Wilcock also  tells us that the LAW OF ONE…, is a huge benefit to mankind…, never reminding people that the woman who “CHANNELED” this material…, was actually his former “roommate”.

The LAW OF ONE…, talks constantly about the LAW OF CONFUSION…, and it just so happens that the MILTARY also considers the LAW OF ONE to be an important work.

More will be coming….

Consider this a PART ONE….









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