By: Bradley Loves


There is really no end to the rabbit hole!  It just goes and goes and goes.  My goal in writing this Blog is simply to help!

My goal is to finally bring to “light” what has been hidden from everyone living on Earth for so long…, no one remembers when it was different.

To that end…, we are going to re-visit “MAGIC”…, and those who practice the DARK SIDE of it.

“Word Magic” is very real!  It pervades our entire reality…, and those who discount it are as “blind” as those who they seek to convince it has no merit.

As I’ve written before, language was never intended for our species!  We are by design a “telepathic race”!

Let that sink in for a moment!  We were not designed by Prime Creator to speak “words”…, because they can be both twisted and mis-interpreted.

The very sound of the word… “WORD”…, is this:

Whirr’d…, as in to spin like a top!

This is not in the least bit accidental!  The letters we arrange to “label things” in a magical fashion called: SPELLING…, is a darkly intended situation!

The “English Language” is the most highly bastardized language on the face of the Earth to date (ever)…, and there is a real reason for that.

Each single word (whirr’d) can have several different meanings…, and this is by design.

The Entire “corrupt” LEGAL SYSTEM is built around the “meaning” of words.


Legalese…, is the dark magical science of using specific words that have many meanings…, but which are “unclear”…, and can therefore be used to CON, FOOL, and DEFRAUD living human beings when engaging in “commerce” and the very foolish act of signing a “contract”.

The ONLY reason that the “court system” exists…, the ONLY reason that it was created…, is to “interpret” the meaning of words (whirr’ds) in relationship to COMMERCE AND CONTRACTS.

It is a wholly SATANIC SYSTEM that I have said more than once exists only to support the DARK SIDE!

If you get nothing else…, you MUST…, start to get this!  You will find no “justice” within the Court System…, because that system was both built and designed by very dark beings a long time ago!

Our current day version is simply the continuation of that dark system and serves the current day “controllers”.


Real human beings (not the current dumbed down version) communicate by telepathy!  Communication in this way is done by pure “Thought Transmission” from one mind to another.

The ideas are sent in such a way as to have not only the intended thought…, but also images, or moving images as part of a “story line”.

In addition to this…, FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are sent as part of the total package of the “thought transmission”.

There is NO WAY for anyone to “mis-understand” this type of communication!

It is literally IMPOSSIBLE!

It is also quite impossible to LIE to anyone using this type of communication…, because the recipient will always know that the transmission contains false information.

Once one understand this…, it becomes clear why our human genetics were messed with…, and why so much of it was disconnected!  You see…, with TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION…, there can be no lying and deception!

This is huge…, this is big…, this is a very important part of what is going on here on the Earth.

Now for those looking to “defend” channelers and channeled messages by saying these are TELEPATHIC and therefore the “Channel” would know if the entity is lying to him or her.

Sorry…, no…, that is no longer the case!

Our current “version” of human body is so “disconnected” that even those who can “recieve” a form of communication called “channeling” do not have the properly connected DNA to really FEEL if what is being sent to them is the TRUTH or a LIE!

Only the ancient human beings who were our ancestors had THAT ability.

This is why we were disconnected and dumbed down in the first place.




I can’t make this plain enough, or say it clearly enough!  We have been conned…, and conned…, and then conned again!

The Court System, the Judges, the Lawyers, the Doctors, the Teachers, the Police, the Government…, RELIGIONS…, and anyone you might think of as an AUTHORITY FIGURE…, if they are “playing” in this play pen which has been set up with both words and language…, then they are PART of the DECEPTION.

Get this…, and then…, set yourself FREE!



Any good Lawyer (if they are honest) will admit this!

Now that we have established a “foundation” for what can come next…, let’s look closer at words and dark magic.


What is a “bond”?

Well…, here again is a whirr’d which has countless meanings…, but since every child that enters the world gets a BOND attached to their life, in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE…, then we should try to figure out what a BOND is!

In is simplest and most direct meaning…, THE BOND…, is a BINDING!

This is why the whirr’ds “bond” and “bound” are so similar.

Now.., it could be as simple as the “bond” of friendship.  Which in practical terms would describe the “binding” of two souls in a common relationship that is worthy and honorable.

This does not diminish the “fact”…, (yes fact) that a BOND is a “binding”.

When you get into the financial world…, and the world of PAPER FICTIONS…, a “bond” is type of instrument that has in a very real sense deliniates or describes something that has been BOUND!

If we are talking about “currency”…, (ahh…, and here again…, what does “currency” really mean?)

Are we talking about:

  • Money?
  • Electricity?
  • Energy?
  • A combination of all of the above?

What is “currency” really?     What does that “whirr’d” mean???

If we talking about “currency” (the paper kind) then THEY SAY that a BOND is an official piece of paper that describes VALUE of something REAL.

Make no mistake…, THE BOND…, is the OFFICIAL GATEWAY between real world and the fictional world!

It is like the doorway from heaven into hell!  It is the stopping point where things that are real…, get labeled as fiction…, and fictions somehow get labeled as real!

But don’t you see…, the “name”…, or rather…, the “whirr’d” suits it perfectly!

It is THE BOND…, or THE BINDING of something real, to something that is fiction.

And just where do you suppose that all of this is happening??

Take a wild guess?


And as Jordon Maxwell has said many times…, the only reason that it is even called a “BANK”…, is because it is the banks of a river that control the “current” or the “currency” or the flow of energy!

Therefore…, BANK…, is nothing more than a “whirr’d” or a CON!

And, if you get what I mean…, I am saying that it is a grouping of letters placed together which have multiple meanings…, such that at any time…, the meaning of those letters can be SPUN (like a top) to mean something else!

Bank can be the “bank” of a river…, or it can be a place where money (so they say) is kept.

OR …, it can be both at the same time!

Now…, just in case you missed it…, or did not see the stellar work of Jordan Maxwell…, who is it that “decides” what the “proper” meanings of all these words are:


You know what this means…, don’t you?

That the “courts” and the “lawyers” and the “judges” are doing nothing more than working for the BANKING SYSTEM!

That is the long and the short of it!   They “interpret” words!

They decide which words…, mean what…, and here is the great surprise for you “newbies”…



Now…, think clearly…, take off the rose colored glasses for a moment and for God’s sake STOP APOLOGIZING for people who really do KNOW what they are doing!


What we are looking at here is a completely SATANIC SYSTEM…, that was started in Ancient Times…, and needs to be done away with immediately BECAUSE it is a:


Our current day “court systems” all over the world are based on “dark magic”…, “word magic”…, and it’s only job is to feed and support the World Wide Banking System!

There are countless blog sites and websites on the interent…, and all they do is show us how the FICTIONAL PAPER SYSTEM is bilking and stealing real weath and real hard earned VALUE from every living being on Earth.

And I would use the word PERSON…, but I can’t…, because I’ve read the LEGAL DEFINTION of the word “person”…, and it does not mean what you think it does!

A “person”…, can be:

  • An individual
  • A Corporation
  • An Insurance Company
  • and other things….

So when a court asks if you are a “person”…, you had damn well better ask what it means by that!

If you say “yes”…, then it can be ASSUMED BY THE COURT that you are claiming to be a CORPORATION!   Which is exactly what the ALL CAPS NAME on your Driver’s Lisence represents:

A paper corporation.

That paper corporation that is “bound” to you…, in real terms…, by a BOND!

Are we “learning” anything yet???

Bound…, Bind…, Bond….Bondage…


More will be coming…, consider this a Part One…

All my love…

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