By: Bradley Loves

So now I’m going to work back around to why Jesus really is the KEY to this huge mess we are all in!

GOD OUR LOVING FATHER exists outside of the MATRIX!

Creation is “Infinitely Vast”

The Multi-leveled Matrix, even though it seems very large, is nothing compared to the vastness of Creation!

The “god pretenders” and “multi-dimensional beings” who built and are operating the Matrix (and locked us all into it) are operating inside of the Matrix, but they can also leave it if they wish.

It has become their own “Island” in all of GODS Infinite Creation where “THEY” make the rules – and “GOD” takes a back seat…, (or so they think).

The MATRIX is a “closed system”…, meaning that all of the “energy” that it takes to operate and maintain the matrix must come from what is “trapped” inside of it.

This is why “Energy Harvesting” is the first, second, and only INDUSTRY of any consequence inside of the closed system.

It is all about “acquiring” enough energy to keep the entire thing running, and the innocent trapped SOULS inside of the Matrix are merely the “batteries” which keep the whole thing from falling apart.

This is also why “slavery” and “forced labor” always keeps popping up over and over again inside of the Matrix, and it can’t seem to get stomped out for good.

SLAVERY is an accurate indicator that the system that we are living inside of is being run by VAMPIRES and PARASITES.

Slavery and forced labor is the one and only thing that these beings must maintain at all costs – because it keeps their diabolical playground running.

Ritual Child Sacrifice – as well as “sex” with young children happens to be two very powerful ways to “add fuel” to the Matrix in order to keep it running.  Children have huge amounts of  “untapped energy” which can be harvested from their bodies during sex rituals.   This is why sex with little kids is considered to be a “sacrament” to all Satanists…, and why sex with children is almost always done anally (root chakra) – and also why Child Trafficking is one of the biggest industries on the entire planet and maybe even in the Galaxy!

Satanists love to hand over their “bodies” to be “possessed” by unseen and out of body entities who desire to experience life in the physical.  Some of these unseen entities are Demonic Beings who helped to create the Matrix. They are not capable of becoming physical, but still want to experience certain “harvesting” operations of pure emotional energy, and so will possess willing Satanists who hand over their body to the Demon for such purposes.

Torture is just one method of “harvesting” a single type of unseen energy – something called “loosh” – which is bought and sold all over inside of the Matrix.

Demonic and Satanic entities seem to love torture.  They love watching it, hearing it taking place, and participating in it.  It is an “energy rush” for them when innocent people scream out in pain because they actually EAT or CONSUME that energy as food!

“Loosh” is a form of pure EMOTION – and it comes from stress, deep fear, and terror!   It can be collected on the unseen levels as a form of pure energy from human beings that are in stress, fear and terror – bottled and then SOLD!

Adrenochrome is a more solid form of “loosh”, and is something that Satanists love to “drink”.

It is the “young blood” of an innocent child that has been taken or “harvested” from their bodies AFTER they have been brutally tortured.  The blood is filled with the hormone Adrenaline, and gives the “drinker” a natural high that is close to euphoria.  This “drug” is bought and sold everywhere on Earth, and is in such DEMAND among Satanists in HOLLYWOOD – that they use it as a form of currency!

(People actually get paid for services in a tortured child’s blood!)

Because Adrenochrome is in such high demand, there is a huge UNDERGROUND INDUSTRY that is dedicated to capturing, kidnapping, and acquiring young children only so they can be tortured, have their blood drained, wait a few days and then repeat the process!

Countless “off shoot” industries like selling the body parts of murdered children, selling aborted babies and baby parts, and the selling of Adrenochrome, are all part of the “harvesting” process.


Human beings are also being sold as “food” to off worlders, or sold to be experimented on, or sold into slavery!

So this “slavery” goes off world and also into the higher dimensions within the Matrix.  If you see “slavery” anywhere, then you are still inside of the Matrix.

Certainly GOD our Loving Father would NEVER in a million years provide a single drop of HIS OWN ENERGY to keep something like this operational!  So the designers of the Matrix (who are very high levels beings in the Universe) had to improvise in order to create their diabolical playground.

Just like any other PYRAMID SCHEME that pops up out of nowhere, the designers of the Matrix put themselves at the very top of the Pyramid – where they derive most of the benefit from all of the “Harvested Energy” while others who are lower on the TOTEM POLE get less and less benefit.  Those who work under them (underlings/minions) are told and promised that “they too” will one day move up the ladder of the Matrix…, but how many people do you know of that ever made it to the “top” of a Pyramid Scheme and actually truly benefited?

And if there are any…, it is only due to the fact that countless people under them are doing ALL of the work!

The Creators of the Matrix live like GOD-KINGS inside of their own closed system.

The people at the top of this system (at least ones who have physical bodies) are people that hide in Secret Societies. They are everywhere and run Governments, sit on Courts as Judges, run Banks, work in the Media…, Etc.   

They work at the Vatican, and in other such religions pretending to be “normal” people when they are anything but.  These people get paid millions of dollars each year and massively BENEFIT from the harvesting of countless innocent people’s hard labor and energy!


That is not the way this multi-leveled TRAP was designed!  

IF SOULS were able to get out of the Matrix easily…, then the energy levels inside would begin to diminish, and there would be a point in time where the diminishing energy levels would make it impossible to maintain the integrity of the Matrix.

Thus…, it had to be designed in such a way that it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to get out of! 

Dying does not mean that you are leaving the Matrix!

This is where GOD our loving FATHER stood up and took notice!

Designed like a labyrinth or a maze…, it was layered with many levels and many realms – all of which may seem to lead out of the Matrix…, but only lead back in eventually!

There are countless doorways and gateways leading from place to place – all guarded by the demonic beings who helped to create the Matrix in the first place and thus derive BENEFIT from keeping souls locked inside of it.


Their entire religion was focused on what to do AFTER you died, and how you could navigate all of the many portals and gateways in trying to get yourself into a “better place” inside of the Matrix (just before you re-incarnate). 

This is also something that the Tibetans are concerned with and it is called: The Bardo – or the “journey” that you take between life times just before you re-incarnate.

Egyptian Book of the Dead


Jesus did NOT want people to re-incarnate back to Earth!   He wanted them OUT OF THE MATRIX! 

He taught people how they could achieve this…, and for doing so…, he was brutally killed by the Romans at the behest of the Jewish Pharisees and the High Priests.

There is a way to get into and out of the MATRIX!   However, it involves a very complicated system of Portals, Gateways, and Keyholes, which are  “controlled” by the designers of the Matrix. 

Sent to Earth on a mission of PURE LOVE…, Jesus came as a representative of his FATHER to talk to the trapped souls living inside of the closed system.

At the point in time when Jesus arrived, GOD KNEW that few people, if any, were ever going to get out of this diabolical mess on their own. We were all simply “recycling” over and over again! He was not going to stand for it and so HE sent us a life-line.   

But that life-line had to literally be someone who would not, or could not, get STUCK inside of the Matrix just like everyone else was.   He sent us Jesus!

Jesus could not actually “get stuck” inside of the Matrix because Jesus was created directly by GOD HIMSELF as a portion of his own existence!

The entire purpose of sending Jesus to Earth was to tell everyone that GOD had not forgotten them…, and that there was a way out of the Matrix.   However the most important reason Jesus had to come was to OPEN THE GATEWAYS!

The diabolical creators of the Matrix actually created the closed system in such a way that the only way to get out of it was by traveling through several highly magnetic gateways which could only be opened in a very special way!   

In addition to this…, the last and final gateway could ONLY be opened by a “blood sacrifice” through the death of an actual human being!

This is something that highly amused the diabolical creators of the Matrix because most human souls literally hate killing, and they are very gentle creatures when not being tortured!  Most importantly, they would never consider KILLING another human being just to be able to move through a Magnetic Gateway!

So GOD our loving Father sent Jesus…, knowing that his mission had many parameters!

  • First – Telling everyone they were being “lied to” and “conned” by the authority figures of the day.
  • Second – Telling them they were in a Matrix, and that there was a way to get out of it.
  • Third – Telling them that GOD had not forgotten about them.

The High Level Jews of the day (who had given in to the Babylonian style of worship) Baal, Moloch, blood sacrifice etc…, were very suspicious of what Jesus was actually teaching to the masses.  They did not want their cozy relationship with many of the more famous “god pretenders” of the day to be negatively affected.

And so, they watched him constantly…, looking for a way to trip him up or entrap him.  They wanted him GONE!

Jesus knew what was going to happen to him.  In fact, believe it or not…, THAT was part of the plan!  He had to die, and he knew it had to happen at a specific time and a specific place.

He also knew he had to do it “willingly” if it was going to be able to be used in the way GOD had intended.

The insane creators of the Matrix designed this closed system on the merits of SUFFERING and SACRIFICE.  That is how people are moved up the ladder and chain of command inside of this “looney” and insane closed system.

They actually designed it so that you could only move up the chain of command if you “suffered” and “sacrificed” and “endured great pain”!

Which is why those human beings who have chosen to SELL OUT  to the Satanists and actually want to move up the ladder inside of the Matrix have to learn the ropes by: “suffering”“enduring pain” – and making “sacrifices”.

This is why Jesus had to experience every single thing that happened to him! 

Each thing that took place after he was captured by the Romans was OPENING UP one of the closed GATEWAYS that prevented HIM from leaving the Matrix!

The final gateway – the most important one – called for a “blood sacrifice” and it had to be the “blood of a human being”.

Jesus chose to use his own blood and his own death as the final sacrifice that would open the last locked door to be opened!

By doing it willingly…, (the highest form of sacrifice) he had created a pathway whereby anyone who chose to follow after him could hang on to his “coat tails” and follow him through!

Thus…, those who followed after HIM would never have to re-incarnate ever again – and they would finally be “out” of the MATRIX.

Jesus made the “required” BLOOD SACRIFICE that none of us could possibly make, just to open a doorway out!   He did it freely and willingly so that others could also USE IT – if they wanted to.


GOD our Loving Father (and Jesus) beat them at their own GAME!  He gave us a way out – IF (if) we are willing to accept it!    We are not forced to take it.

If we do not take it…, then we will be forced to reincarnate back into the Matrix – which is losing SOULS that are leaving in droves as a result of what Jesus did!  The snake is now eating it’s own tail…, and eventually the Matrix will implode in on itself!

So why didn’t GOD just “destroy” the Matrix and be done with it?  

He did not destroy it because HE wanted those who created it to end up “imploding” with their own creation as a punishment for what they had done. 

They will go down with their own “ship”.

Those who are left inside of the Matrix at the very end…, those who did not want a way out…, will not be saved!  They will be the ones who worked for and supported the Creators of the Matrix and enjoyed it.  

They will have sold themselves over to VAMPIRES, PARASITES, FALLEN ANGELS and GOD PRETENDERS…, and will have “enjoyed’ countless greedy, vicious lives while living inside of the closed system by selling out other innocent souls to that system.

They will be mere husks at that point in time anyway.

However…, “YOU” have a choice!  IF you choose to take it!


There will be more…

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