In these days…, REAL LOVE…, and TRUE CARING is indispensable to those who are here to make a difference.

Love is not just a word…, and certainly not just a feeling!  It is an energy which wants to be shared!  It wants to be “actualized” and “realized” and wants to be given away.

When love moves into your HEART…, it translates immediately into TRUE CARING!

It is an energy that motivates that being who feels it, INTO ACTION!

Love is the energy that creates positive action within a mostly negative universe.

LOVE is a free flowing river of feelings/actions that lead to the TRUTH…, and lead to the eternal goal which is PURE SOURCE.

The ONLY THING that can “block” or put a stop to the free flow of LOVE is the divisive and divided MIND!

It is my point of view…, that because most CHANNELED MESSAGES come from a plane of existence that is mostly mental…, and also in my opinion devoid of the HUMAN HEART…, they can not truly contain messages that are really LOVING.

The mental plane can IMITATE LOVE!  It can form words and sentences that talk in ways that sound loving…, but those beings living there can NOT TRULY FEEL what deep LOVE does in action!

Love could NEVER tell us to DO NOTHING when others are suffering!!

Love could NEVER tell us to DO NOTHING when others are suffering!!

Those who formulate such messages…, do NOT come from a plane of existence that understands what LOVE really is.  They think, and formulate what sounds like LOVING ideas and ideals…, and then make up stories and lies about why it is the way they say!

TRUE LOVE and CARING however can “feel” and can see though a very cleverly devised “story”.

TRUE LOVE is discerning and realizes that the Universe has many beings in it who have NO INTENTION in really helping others…, and are acting ONLY out of self interest!

Even many of the beings on the so called HIGHER PLANES are only acting out of self interest!

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