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This is what is basically coming down the pike!

Whether you know it or not…, those of us who can foresee the future can see this mountain on the horizon!  This article is therefore one of the most important reads you will EVER find and I highly recommend that you spend some time with it, and then SHARE IT with everyone!

In the near future, you are going to be asked (most likely forced) to make a choice!  So before we are all collectively “there”…,  let’s look at both of these ideas, and try to comprehend what is going on inside of each!



Now…, regardless of what they say – Luciferians do NOT value love at all!  They see the human body as nothing more than a “complex” machine that has many “genetic” flaws.

If anything, they see it as something that needs to be “upgraded”, because of all it’s flaws!

Because LOVE  is a product of the body – “feelings” etc…, they see it as merely a CHEMICAL REACTION to a certain temporary group of stimuli that at best – gets in the way of life…, and at worst, is a total detriment to life!

So WHAT then – (pray tell) – do the LUCIFERIANS place “value” on?

LUCIFERIANS value knowledge!  They value information!


They do NOT value LOVE at all!

Once you understand this most primary facet of the LUCIFERIAN ideology, you are then prepared to understand WHY they do what they do!


Jay Parker is one of the greatest “gifts” mankind has in the way of a recovered human being who was born into a generational satanic family!

Not only did we collectively get a good look at what Satanists do to their children (and others)…, we got the all important WHY!

Remember the Merovingian Character in the moive the MATRIX?

In his first meeting with Neo, he was derisive and totally condescending because Neo had done only what he was TOLD to do, without knowing WHY he was doing it.



See this video clip of the MATRIX II – and start at 1:30 in – and watch it carefully!  Listen to the TRUTH of this which was put there just for YOU!


Jay Parker (through the teachings of his mother) gave us the WHY of many of the deepest things that the Illuminati hold most dear!

First – she told him that the “reason” he was being “tortured” at such a young age was so that he would TOUGHEN UP!

Here again, it was (and is) a primary facet of the LUCIFERIAN belief system that:


This is why Satanists “torture” their own young!



They do, however, place a very high value on knowledge and seek it everywhere they can find it! There is NO LIMIT to what they will do, or How they will do it, in order to GAIN knowledge – which they equate with “LIGHT”.

Enlightenment (to a Luciferian) means super advanced knowledge which should be the GOAL of every living being (in their opinion).

Money (in the grand scheme of the Luciferians) is only a means to an end!

That “end” is to be able to CONTROL the entire “gameboard”…, (Earth) so that any and ALL KNOWLEDGE (which they value) and which may be discovered (no matter who comes up with it) can end up in their hands.

They use money so that other people can be bought – bribed – blackmailed or tormented into handing ALL KNOWLEDGE over to them!

This is also why “they” as a group have COLLECTED every valuable piece of data every invented or thought of (on the Earth) and placed it into the VATICAN LIBRARY!

They are sitting on hundreds of thousands of years of KNOWLEDGE and not sharing it with anyone but their own.

Just like Scrooge McDuck swims in the piles of gold coins in his vault – – the LUCIFERIANS bathe in the miles and miles of books and manuscripts they have collected over the last several thousand years, and now HOARDE!

They are “Info-philes” and “Techno-philes” (as well as pedo-philes).

The library pictured below is nothing compared to the VATICANS holdings!

Remember…, when I use the word “phile”, which is the Greek word for “lover of” …, you have to understand that they do not really LOVE as much as “crave” or “lust after” the things I just listed.

Lusting after, and craving is NOT LOVE…, but once again, these are LUCIFERIAN “permissable” emotions – which can be applied to the higher and ONLY real goal – of attaining knowledge…, which leads to (their version of) ENLIGHTENMENT!

In reality, Luciferians portray a very “Borg-like” or rather “Artificial Intelligence-like” approach to gaining knowledge, which is to ASSIMILATE all of it in any way possible, without regards to morals, ethics, feelings, principals or any other kind of social limitation!

It could be that these Luciferians are being “controlled” on a cellular level or an Astral Level by a ROGUE AI!

It is most certainly TRUE that they all seek to be “possessed” by Astral Demons – because they believe that such a possession will make them STRONGER and less “WEAK”.  They hope that such a possession will help them overcome their human feelings when they must do horrible things to others!

Here again, they see compassion, feelings, sympathy and empthy as WEAKNESS that is standing in the way of Enlightenment, so they seek to stomp it out!

As long as we are here…, it is worth a mention that THIS very idea has been cleverly “CLOAKED” in order to be a principal TEACHING of the NEW AGE!

You see.., with the FAKE TEACHING that anything and everything that a human being ever experiences…, was already “pre-chosen” (CONTRACTED FOR)…, then anyone who may have lingering tendencies to use their GOD GIVEN emotions of:

Compassion – feelings – sympathy – or empathy…, now have a perfect “out” so to speak, or a legitimate “spiritual excuse” not to use (or worse…ACT ON) these quite USELESS emotions!


It really is the perfect “stand down code”, which was wrapped in a most elegant and clever DECEPTION!


Now…, while Luciferians value KNOWLEDGE (at any cost), followers of CHRIST value LOVE at all costs!

This is the “dividing line”, and it could NOT be more clear!

Real (not fake) Christians, know that no matter how much knowledge a being gains, it will ALWAYS lead to their destruction eventually without LOVE!

Therefore, followers of Christ seek to LOVE first!

They seek to exercise their FEELINGS (which the followers of Lucifer see as totally useless) and to also expand their compassion, their sympathy, their empathy and their willingness to HELP OTHERS who may be in trouble or in pain!

Luciferians see all of this as a WEAKNESS – and as a road block toward a quick ENLIGHTENMENT.

Thus…, they torture their own young to make them STRONG and teach them not to ever WANT anyone elses help! (Or love).

This is also why Luciferians can legitimately claim that sex with children is perfectly acceptable!

You see, Luciferians can NOT love…, and do NOT love…, not even their own mates (wives or husbands)!

At the very best, they see sexual intimacy as a sort of “game” or “ritual” or rather a precise “act” which is done for their own purposes and gratification!

Young childen have absolutely NO CAPACITY to “love” an adult during a sexual encounter with them.

At the very most, children see the act of intimacy they are having as some kind of GAME!

They are interested in sex with adults, only because just like any other game they may play, there is a very “structured” set of actions and behaviors that they must do (in a certain order) to gain a desired result!


Interestingly…, since ILLUMINATI adults see LOVE as a total weakness, or less than USELESS…., it actually stands to reason that their chosen partners for SEX would almost always be CHILDREN!

Children engage in the sex act on the very same level as ILLUMINATI adults do!  There would be a mutual sense of “interest” and of “game playing” (in the best case scenario) with absolutely NO COMMITMENT to LOVE of any kind!

Because of the way their brains are functioning and have not yet fully developed – they are INCAPABLE of offering LOVE to another being while having sex!

Of course in the worst cases – ILLUMINATI ADULTS – use SEX with children as a source of self gratification, or a source of ENERGY to power Magic Spells.

In many of these worst cases, the children are tortured, beaten, and abused (sexually) in order to gain just the right amount DARK ENERGY needed to feed what ever DEMON they are trying to reach!

You see, once again, since LOVE is a weakness to them – there really is NO difference in “game like sex” or “abusive sex”…, because there is no emotional investment in it what so ever!

If I may be so bold as to speculate here…, I would even venture a guess here that because Illuminati Adults are so very “damaged” emotionally, that real SEX with another adult is actually PAINFUL for them. The intimacy from contact with a normal human being actually causes a disturbance in their disfuctional “systems”.

Thus, they seek out CHILDREN for sex only because a childs emotions are not operational on that level yet, and thus they can get the purely physical SELF GRATIFICATION of sex without any higher level investment!




Now, instead of recognizing that it their very “approach” to GOD and to ENLIGHTENMENT that is flawed or “wrong”…, they instead make the ridiculous claim that it is GOD who is flawed or wrong for having “designed” a human body that has too many emotions which get in the WAY of acquiring knowledge!

Thus, they seek to CORRECT the flaws!

They seek to merge MAN and MACHINE into the perfect union of what they believe to be the ULITIMATE KNOWLEDGE SEEKING and KNOWLEDGE ABSORBING ENTITY!

Borg-like…, computer-like…, TRANS-HUMAN!

The “flawed” human body must be done away with!  And the very first step is to convince the rest of humanity that sexual parts and sexual identity are MEANINGLESS!

Thus…, the current roll-out of TRANS-GENDER!

This is only step one…, and sadly humanity is to distracted to SEE CLEARLY where this is leading!

That is why writers such as myself (and others) are incredibly necessary to ring the ALARMS and raise the RED FLAGS!

In addition to TRANS – GENDER, the Luciferians are also desperate to legalize SEX WITH CHILDREN!

It is pivital to their agenda and their plans for all of humanity!

If they can legalize sex with children…, then NO ADULT will ever have to worry about a true LOVE CONNECTION with another human being ever again!

SEX will have been reduced down to a very basic level of “GAME PLAY” which could be no more intimate or interesting than a game of checkers!

By taking that pesky LOVE out of the picture…, they are FREE to pursue KNOWLEDGE and ENLIGHTENMENT without having to first develop FEELINGS, SYMPATHY, EMPATHY, which the followers of CHRST know are indespensible to the proper development of a culture so that it does NOT DESTROY ITSELF!

My dear readers…, you have NOW BEEN MADE AWARE!

You have been put on NOTICE…, YOU’VE BEEN TOLD!

You may soon be forced to make a choice!

  • Do you follow LUCIFER…, or do you follow CHRIST?
  • Which path do you take?
  • One leads (every single time) to DESTRUCTION!
  • The other leads to an abundant society and happy life (every single time).

Which do YOU choose?


All my love….













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