This final part of this Chess Game is being dictated by the Cabal it seems.  What you see happening all around you (worldwide) is a massive exercise in Trauma Based Mind Control.

The threats of Nuclear War, the Troop Movements, the Banking Collapse, the Food Shortages, the Rising Prices, the Gas Shortages, more Bio-weapons on the horizon… etc, etc, etc

These are the same type of tactics (Stress and Mental Trauma) that is used by the Illuminati to break down and then train human beings to do whatever they are told.

FEAR, ABUSE, TRAUMA, are all mind control tactics.



This is why we can’t give in to fear!  We must resist fear at all costs!

The solution to this is to use our HEARTS to do our thinking!

We must put aside our mental instincts of fear and of separation.  It appears as if massive measures are being put into place to cut us off from each other and to divide us into tiny groups in the coming days.

Typically, this will put human beings into fear and then cut them off from their heart centers of love.

We must fight hard in the coming days, weeks, and months to stay (no matter what) in our hearts of love and to keep out of the mind of fear.

This is why I’ve said (and written) many times that PRAYER is so very important.



Now I am going to tell you that at this time in world history prayer is VITAL!

Prayer comes directly out of your heart if you are praying correctly.  It comes from our center of love!  There is no quicker way to get us back into our hearts and out of our minds of fear than to pray!

Our hearts of love are huge energy generators that give off special waves that actually neutralize fear.

The Deep State and the Cabal KNOW this!  They know this all too well.

They know that you can not be in your heart of love while at the same time remain in state of fear.  Love cancels fear.

This is one of the precise reasons that they worked so very hard to write God out of the picture for many decades!   This was the moment in time they were after.

They worked so hard to get you to believe in the STATE as your God, only so that when the STATE failed you and abandoned you in the very end – you would effectively have no God and nowhere to turn for help.

You would not only have forgotten prayer, but you would also have forgotten your source of love, compassion, and aid (God).

Your entire life would have been cut off from your heart center of love.  This would make you, and your life (in the most critical moments) very susceptible to fear and thus to trauma based mind control.

This is when they would spring all kinds of mandates and dictates upon you, and in this heightened state of fear and trauma – you would simply obey and go along with whatever you were told to do.

Praying moves your being, your consciousness, your mind, and your emotions back into your heart where radiating waves of your own being cancel out fear and trauma.

This is probably the most important article (out of 5,000) that I’ve written on Love Truth Site that you’ll ever read.

It is solution based, it is laser focused on the immediate problem, it is practical, and it will be highly effective in helping you to save your own life and the lives of your family members.


When we pray – we must not pray from fear but instead pray with love and thanksgiving in our hearts.  We need to stay focused on God’s love and focused God’s goodness.

Prayer is creative!  It is a tool for building!  It is sublime and perfect and was designed for the human beings long ago.

Jesus healed through prayer and did miracles through prayer!  Countless people worldwide have also been healed and have done miracles as a result of prayer.


I am being very honest with you when I say that the entire 20th century of “programing” was specifically designed to lead you away from your most powerful tool and your most powerful defense that could and would save you from this very moment!

The Cabal plans long in advance.  They are Black Magicians!  They knew what their long-term goals were.  So, they knew how to proceed over the last 100 years of time to train humanity to not use prayer.

By not using prayer – you would not be able to get quickly into your heart center/heart Chakra which could keep you out of fear and keep you from being very susceptible to mind control.

This information (by far) is some of the most important that I have written, and it gives you a way (a tool) to use to compel your mind back into your own heart very fast where the wave energy/frequency of your heart can cleanse your mind.

Use it wisely and please spread this information far and wide!  Let’s make just one article from Love Truth Site go viral!

All my love


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