In every moment we are faced with ONLY two choices.

After every rationalization, denial, and excuse has been stripped away, we only ever ACT out of LOVE or FEAR!

If I am faced with a choice to continue to build weapons for the government or quit my job, many questions, justifications, and excuses will fill my mind…, but in the end…, each thought is either one of LOVE or FEAR.


If I stop building weapons…, I won’t be able to make my house payment…  (FEAR)

If I stop building weapons…, the government might frown on me and target me… (FEAR)

If I stop building weapons…, someone else will take my job and do it anyway… (justification)   …. [in order to hide FEAR]

I won’t bore you with thousands of examples ( and believe me when I say that I really could fill up about 500 pages of each and every job that supports the Satanic System…, and show you how the choice to stop is always based in FEAR.


I know I’m working for a Bank that has been revealed to have been laundering Drug Money for the Mafia…, but I don’t want to quit because I need this job…  (FEAR)

I know that “Fracking” is not good for the Earth…, but I need a job in order to pay my bills…, so I just have to keep doing it… (FEAR)

I’m keeping Secrets for the Government…, because I know there are many advanced technologies that would help the planet…, but I’m afraid to speak out….  (FEAR)


However…, there are those men and women who do make the correct choices!  These choices are based on and in LOVE.  This love is all encompassing and genuine!  It is heartfelt and so it cancels out fear.


The company I work for is making biological weapons…, and I know that these can hurt other people.  I will STOP doing that…, even if I have to quit my job!  (LOVE)

The company I work for (a bank) is foreclosing on 10’s of thousands of out of work home owners and taking away the ONLY place they have to live.  I will STOP doing that…, even if I have to quit my job!  (LOVE)

The Pharmaceutical Company I work for is manufacturing a drug that I know is not helping or doing what they say it does.  I will STOP assisting them…, even if I have to quit my job! (LOVE)

I really could go on (and those who know me or have ever met me know I’m not kidding because I’ve done it) and could list right here 5,000 examples of jobs where people who work in them choose to keep them through FEAR.

I could also go on and give 5,000 examples of different jobs that are hurting the planet, the people, the atmosphere, our collective lives in 10,000 different ways…, and list them right here!

I really could!

Do I need to?

WE   are doing this to ourselves!

WE  are cowering in FEAR…, and allowing all of this Satanic stuff to happen all around us!

WE have to find the COURAGE WITHIN US to stop the madness.

It all begins with us…, and each choice we make!

In every moment we are faced with ONLY two choices.

After every rationalization, denial, and excuse has been stripped away, we only ever ACT out of LOVE or FEAR!


All my love



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Alfred Lambremont Webre is interviewed by James Gilliland


  1. connie3591

    Bradley, I felt the “need” to quite my job at the bank in 2013 due to the data collecting the higher ups were demanding us to do…yea, right if a customer takes out $2000 we’d have to complete a suspicions report…they might be a drug dealer or worse, a terrorist. The demands being made of us to report this or that and the unfair practices of collecting fees from accounts made me start questioning a lot of things going on in the world. Then I started into the New Age BS. It didn’t take long for me to figure that one out…same stuff week after week. Then fell into the One People discussions until Heather became a weekly sensation…talked in circles and never said anything (love Lisa and Dani though and still do)

    Right now though, I’m “lost as to what to do.” I talk openly to everyone I come in contact to about GMO’s, chem trails, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, etc. and people look at me like a deer looking into headlights. My boyfriend of 7 years still thinks the media tells the truth and that I live in la la land. I know I’m supposed to be doing something, but I haven’t yet figured it out.


    • Connie,

      My very best friend when I was at the University told me this (when I was equally frustrated).

      “Bradley…” he said, “you are a VERY GOOD man for someone so young.” (I was only 18)

      “When ever you can’t decide what to do [see the new post on the word “decide”] then just follow what your loving heart
      says! It will never steer you wrong.”
      “If you must make an error…, then error on the side of LOVE!” he continued.
      “But this LOVE is not for you…, but LOVE for ALL THINGS that are good, whole, and just!”
      “Your heart will tell you what those things are in each and every instance!”

      Connie, I hope this advice that I got from someone I held very dear when I was only 18…, now helps you in that it will be used
      as a template for your actions in this reality.

      All my Love to you now!

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