By: Bradley Loves

Satanists do not have the capacity to love!

They hate such feelings!   The generational Satanists who hand down their religion from parent to child actually work very hard to “beat” love out of their kids as if it were a type of disease!

Jay Parker talked about such “abuse” and “training” while growing up in his family.

We are seeing more and more Satanists popping up EVERYWHERE in America!  It has become the religion of the young!

As we move more and more into a secular and Godless world…, young human beings see no “benefit”, “profit”, or “gain” for themselves in simply LOVING someone else!

Now, I’m not saying these young people do not have “friends” or rather “acquaintances” that they hang out with…, but “love” is not something that is considered to be part of the friendship!

It does not give them any lasting gratification – and so most young people (Millennial’s) have taken to loving THEMSELVES as much as they possibly can!

Now…, you may say that young people have far more “RESPECT” for each other than the older generation does!  And you may add that respect is far better than love!

If this is what you think…, I am here to remind you that the DRACO – (a group of complete and utter despotic REPTILES)  beings who kill and eat humans just because they can – also value “respect”!

These same Draco see “respect” as the highest form of social standard.

In fact, it is the ONLY social standard in their world.


They respect other Draco who have earned that respect in battle, or as a result of a job well done or just doing their duty.  To disrespect a Draco is to invite a deadly fight.

And what do you see happening out there in PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL LAND as every day passes??

Because they do not have the capacity to LOVE any longer…, they use “respect and disrespect” as the litmus test to tell them as to whether they like you or can tolerate you!

I would submit to you that most of these people are NOT ACTUALLY HUMAN ANY LONGER…. (IF THEY EVER WERE)!

They may look human…, but it is the capacity to LOVE OTHERS that makes us who we are.

So…, back to the Satanists…, the young people, the Neo Progressives/Liberals/Feminists and their choice of “SELF LOVE”, which let’s face it could be called a dozen different things besides love, are really fooling themselves because without any FAITH in a higher power to steer that “love”, it becomes totally DESTRUCTIVE!

It is that simple!

Honestly…, it really is that simple!

Regardless of whether people can see it or not…, people who SELF LOVE constantly become very quickly self indulgent toward any desire and any whim that enters their minds and end up “treating themselves” to a constant flow of  sensory stimulation.

(Which they equate with love.)

In fact…, I would give another kind of name to this type of self love and that name is: SELF MEDICATION

Treating yourself all the time and becoming very self indulgent includes lots and lots of:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Sex
  • Deviant Sex (kids, orgies, and more)
  • Nice and flashy things like Jewelry and expensive clothes
  • Expensive living styles and flashy cars
  • Video Games
  • Night Clubs, Orgies, Gangs, Theft, Satanic Religious Beliefs
  • And also includes a “get the f*ck out of my way” and a ””stop hindering my fun and my self indulgent attitude you piece of crap human being”” that you can see almost every single Progressive/Liberal/Feminist/Etc.., espousing in public squares and on social media.

This is not ROCKET SCIENCE here!

It is very simple!

What you see here are a whole bunch of people who are TOTALLY into “loving” themselves!

However…, (and apparently they did not get the memo) SERVICE TO SELF is the Left Handed Path and the Satanic Path!


Because the Left Handed path always includes:  MURDER!

So if you were SATAN…, how would you get a whole bunch of basically SELFISH PEOPLE to willingly jump over the line into MURDER…, without really telling them they were signing up for SATANISM and the left handed path??

We are basically at the exact same point where every Great Empire was just before it’s fall.   Weather Babylon, Egypt, Greece, or Rome…, every really great Empire fell from within due to it’s own self indulgence!

However…, there is one sad difficulty here!

The only people who can actually “SEE” how destructive that self indulgence is and how much damage it is causing societies and the world…, are the men and women who have kept themselves away from it!

Those who are “immersed” in selfishness and debauchery have had their ability to SEE what their actions are causing and creating taken away from them!

This is their punishment!

When you actively TURN AWAY FROM GOD…, then you lose his GIFTS!


  • The ability to see where your errors are
  • The ability to see the harm of your own actions
  • The ability to correct yourself
  • The ability to rise up out of depravity
  • The ability to heal yourself
  • The ability to forge a better life for yourself and your family.

All of these things come from GRACE!

The Spirit and the hand of God “blesses” those who remain loyal to HIM and remain loyal to LOVE!!

Your “RELIGION” does not matter…, and NO NOT EVEN IF YOU ARE “JEWISH”!!

There is NO CHOSEN group other than the group that LOVES GOD and also LOVES HIS or HER FELLOW MAN.

Those who attack GOD…., will always attack their fellow man eventually.  And those who attack their fellow man, will always attack GOD eventually.



Many are now on the Left Handed Path toward Satan…, and have no clue that they are already standing inside HIS CAMP!

LOVE OF OTHERS is the way back.  However…, you must make amends with those whom you have deeply harmed!



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