Although I have not used this gift very often, God gave me the ability to heal other people’s lives of pain and trauma through prayer and through sacred teaching.

I have decided to put this gift to good use and to have a place where people can come to ask for prayers, ask for the healing, and to talk about any situation that is bothering them individually. 

I will also be designing the site so that one on one Zoom Meetings can be scheduled for individual prayer and for spiritual chats and discussions on Ancient Science.

This is going to be a “subscription based site”

You can find Love Truth Site on Locals here:


Even though most people can see the site and read certain posts, only those who actually subscribe will be able to contact me directly and get in on any of the Q & A’s that I do, Live Streams, or other perks that I have planned for the very near future that will happen on Locals.com

The winter is coming, and being a writer of the truth as well as a “Targeted Individual” – I very honestly have been black-listed in many ways that keep me from earning any money.  People just won’t hire me and that is one of the many difficulties with being a “Target”.

This has been done to keep me from telling the truth to the world and I do need to figure out a way to survive. 

I have prayed about this at length and the Holy Spirit has asked me to start a PRAYER SITE for the express purpose of helping others through prayer!

In God’s eyes there is no greater gift that we can give to each other than to pray for them, and to pray for their needs.  In keeping with the theme of doing what is best for others, this is something that I am willing to do rather than selling a bunch of coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other things.

The Audio Books Section of Love Truth Site was created as a way to keep the web-site up and running (while offering something very tangible and important in exchange for the subscription fee) and to date we have less than 25 subscribers when we should have gotten at least 100 or more subscribers based upon the number of people who read here at Love Truth Site.

It is clear something else needs to be done – and the Locals.com site with Healing and Prayer is what God wanted me to do.

I will not stop writing here, but I do want to change my focus in a way that is really going to help others and serve their needs in a more productive way, while at the same time meeting my own financial needs.

Everyone who reads at Love Truth Site has an issue that they need to have healed (not just their physical body).   Jesus said where two or more are gathered in prayer in my name – then those prayers will be answered. 

Please come to Locals.Com, join up, and let me pray with you.

While on Locals.com, I am planning to:

  • Pray for anyone who has specific prayer needs.
  • Have prayer request lists where people can ask for special prayers for physical problems
  • Schedule one on one Zoom Prayer Meetings with my readers where we can chat one on one for a full hour.
  • Do Live Teaching Videos on Lessons in Reality Creation
  • Do Live Healing and Prayer Videos for the Sick
  • Do Live Spiritual Questions and Answer Videos
  • Write articles about Reality Creation for subscribers only.


The only thing that I need to make this new project a huge success is to have at least 50 of my loyal readers join up and subscribe in order to use all of the Locals.com features that they offer.  (They require 50+ before they give up the good stuff).

Please come to Locals.com and SUBSCRIBE TODAY for a modest monthly fee of only $15.00 per month (the cost of two large coffee’s at Starbucks) and help not only Love Truth Site survive and make it through the winter, but get lots of prayers for yourself and your family members and also get some real help with any issue that is causing you trouble in your life.



I love you all so very much!


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