Five year/5,000 article Quiz.

(For those who have been following from the beginning.)

1. How does REALITY get created?

2. Can the current reality we see every day be changed?

3. By what power or forces can reality be changed – if indeed change is even possible?

4. Up until recently – who was controlling reality?

5. Now who is controlling reality?

6. Is Love Truth Site a:

A) Religious Blog
B) Scientific Blog
C) Inspirational Blog
D) Teaching Blog
E) Crazy Blog

Choose: A,B,C,D,E

7. Is Love Truth Site being written in code? Y/N

8. Who is Love Truth Site really being written for?

9. What is the true purpose of Love Truth Site?

Take the Quiz! Questions 1-9, and put your answers into the comment section below! Good Luck.

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