Today I got an e-mail from a brand new reader.   She thanked me for all of the hard work that I do on this blog, and then told me something amazing.  She said that she had spent time reading the ENTIRE BLOG – just to find out what I thought and where I was coming from.

She said that she had done this in a very short period of time, and that she found it quite helpful to do.

I wrote back to her and thanked her, and then said that THIS IS EXACTLY what I had hoped most people would do when they found LOVE TRUTH SITE, and then asked her if I could write about what she did.



By reading the entire thing – only then do you really start to grasp and understand what I am trying to teach.  Only then do you get the full scope of the message that is coming through me from the HIGHER LEVELS.

So far, what I have written here is simply TRUTH for the masses. 

I have not written anything really “deep” or “extremely advanced” because those teachings have to come from real teachers who are far more capable and are far more qualified than myself.

Remember, I did not come here to write a TRUTH BLOG!  

I also did not come here to teach anyone anything at all.  My mission was to be a WITNESS – so that I could TESTIFY in front of THE THRONE OF GOD when this was all over.

That was my job!

The “teaching mission” was supposed to be done by others who were given extreme TALENT to write, and also had been given all of the advanced knowledge that was supposed to be shared with humanity at this time.

Do you know what these people did with that knowledge?   Those Souls who were sent to do this work for God? 

They sat on this knowledge and they HID IT – for various reasons making the claim that they were only keeping it safe. 

They also hid themselves lest they become “targets” in this battle because the “battle between Light and Dark was getting too difficult for them to deal with.


In other words they had determined on their own that the missions that they had promised to do for God were just too difficult to do – and that it could be delayed for some later time in history. 

(Or so they thought).

Well, God was watching and was quite disgusted with those that HE had sent to do this very important work, and so He asked me to do what they were refusing to do, and to start writing a TRUTH BLOG, and that when I did, He would show me what to write.

My reply was: 

I’ll get right on that God!  Thank you for the chance to serve.

What I have effectively done here is to merely write the basics of the TRUTH; the truth that you should have been told long ago if the Illuminati and the Dark Cabal had not been lying to you about absolutely everything for your entire life.

(Which they were not allowed to do).

This is the kind of stuff that every man, woman, and child living on the Earth SHOULD KNOW – and it is merely the very beginning of the basics of life.

To have hidden this stuff from you and lied about all of it is a crime against you as well as a crime against God.

So my new “mission” is to take care of that as well.


If you want to do even just a part of what this lady did who is totally new to LOVE TRUTH SITE – you can start by reading EVERYTHING that has been placed into the HEADER.

Here is the – SEVEN YEAR CELEBRATION ARTICLEthat I wrote a while back hinting at and hoping everyone would do just that!


So now that I have written this TRUTH BLOG – I also have become a TARGET of the Dark.  They have used every single weapon they have, up to and including TIME TRAVEL, on me and my family.

So you may ask why I even continue…

I continue because I know something that they can not possibly know. 

I know something that their DARK OVERLORDS either do not know themselves, or have refused to tell them!

What that is, is that THEY (as Souls) will be held fully accountable for every single crime they committed here on the Earth – especially the crimes they committed against GOD EMISSARIES – and that in front of HIS THRONE they will be about as ASHAMED, DISGUSTED, TERRIFIED, and HORRIFIED with themselves and their own actions as they possibly can be.

Wailing, crying, and begging is a fair way to describe it – as the long, long, long lists of cheats, thefts, and crimes are read and given witness to.

Jesus described it as WAILING and GNASHING of Teeth – and that is a pretty fair assessment of what goes on, and it is not pretty to watch.

Those who are innocent, and those who have served God do watch, but they watch KNOWING that these SOULS did this to themselves. 

They watch knowing that these Souls could have chosen to stop what they were doing at any time – and instead started to help others – to learn – to choose goodness, kindness, morality, ethics, and love – but instead went for GREED, INJUSTICE, HATRED, IMMORALITY and everything else because it was easy – and it paid well.

They could have “chosen” to turn from DARK TO LIGHT.

Let me give you a big “hint” as to just who these souls are (and you are going to be very shaken and amazed to find out who they are).

Anyone who took part in the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT SCAM – from top to bottom – will be held accountable – and we can start at the top and go all the way down to the bottom.

If you really want to know – watch this Series with David Straight as he explains the depth of the Corruption at every single level of Government, The Courts, The Police, the Agencies, and the so-called Justice System.

Start Here on Part 1 of 8

David Straight – Out of Babylon Series – Part 1 of 8

Finally, if you are one of these – you can still CHOOSE differently. 

That is the whole point of exposing all of this and telling you THE TRUTH.  It is not too late for you! 

It is NEVER too late as long as you still have a body, and you are still here!

What I am doing is nothing more and nothing less than giving you the chance to SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE!

Instead of HATING ME and BANNING me – you should be THANKING ME!


All my love.


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