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Thank you so much for putting the pieces together Bradley. I have, over time, become more and more aware of this deceit and of the lies that have been perpetrated upon humanity.

For me, it is about those satanists and the hidden hand (off planet) that drives them, drinking the energy which only humans can create, which they need to use to exist within this Universe.
Over the past couple of years, many of us have become aware of the deceit and fraud of the ALL CAPS NAME, and have stopped using it, and we have shown that without our consent to “be” that LEGAL NAME, then, as you say, they cannot hold us. I have experienced this myself – one night in jail, a couple hours in a courthouse, and I was outta there.
I’ve created a whole WordPress site with information about this, along with exposure of all of the lies/false flags/deceit and downright dastardliness that has been perpetrated upon humanity.
Here is one page from that site, listing some simple truths, along with one of my fave pomes I wrote to help people to see that they might like to wake up to it all!
Much Love to you, man of Love.
I have reblogged this awesome post on the site too. thanks again.

Jolly Dee


This is from Jolly Dee’s blog site, and I think is worth a post here!

Here are ten points I wrote out to share my knowings:
Ten Simple Truths PDF

1. None of us knew of, nor consented to the creation of a Berth Certificate.
2. The Berth Certificate is only record of an event.  It is a registration, not of you, but of a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.
3. Use of this FICTIONAL CHARACTER draws one into the system and puts one under the authority of a fictional entity, often known as goverment, but actually which is a corporation offering governmental services.
4. One can decline any such offers of services.
5. Declining offers keeps one immune to all claims. Any rules made by any fictional corporation do not apply when one has not accepted any offers, or agreed to be part of any Legal Fiction.
6. When one is a living being, living on Planet Earth, one has no obligation to accept any offers, or become part of any organization.  Only fictional entities can do commerce with other fictional entities.
7. Living beings can trade privately with other living beings.
8. Life is good when one remains whole and unencumbered by fictional characters and commerce.
9. Working together with other living beings helps us to remain whole, and humane.
10. Remaining self responsible, and respectful to all around us creates inflowment!!

Wake Up and Breathe


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Anonymous Judge Blows The Whistle: U.S. Is A Plantation And ‘We The People’ Are Slaves


  1. Susan Stavis

    Can you please post how to get rid of the all caps fictional name and denounce consent to the Birth Certificate? How to leave the system? How to get out of the registration of your car and driver’s license? How to denounce and revoke consent to being a citizen of any government? How to be free?

    • My Dear Susan,

      Would you like me to take your hand and fly you to Heaven as well? And how about some “fries” with that too? I do apologize, but I just could not resist pointing out your FAST FOOD approach to this “problem”.
      There is an on-going push that is happening AS WE SPEAK toward developing a way to get out of the system. FEW PEOPLE if any have actually “made it”…, in the way you are suggesting.
      Most people end up doing years of personal research…, and educating themselves in COMMON LAW…, and this is important…, DEVELOPING a real idea of exactly WHO THEY ARE…, on the Earth…, and who they are NOT!
      This is not a fast food process…, because “intertwined” with all of the “FICTION” of the ALL CAPS NAME…, is our ENTIRE WAY OF LIFE.., and the ENTIRE WORLD STRUCTURE! Which, by the way…, IS TOTALLY SATANIC!
      So…, in order to “walk away”…, you almost have to give up entirely LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT.
      Few have found a way to do that yet! However…, many are trying. I suggest getting in touch with Kurt Kallenbach…, or Santos Bonacci…, who have studied this much longer than myself.

      I have studied it long enough to know EXACTLY what the problem is! However…, I not have “solved it” as of yet. Nor…, has anyone else I have met.

      Suggestions are these:


      STOP USING THE ALL CAPS NAME…, and make up another one. Anything will do…, and call yourself that.
      NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE TO ANYONE (even the police) that you are the name on your drivers license or passport if they ask!
      That is “claiming” to be a fiction…, and is a crime!
      That is why they ALWAYS ask to see your ID…, simply say you don’t have one, or
      IF you do show them one…, and they say…, “is this you?”…, say NO…, that is not me! That is a Corporation that is owned by the Government! I am a beneficiary of the Trust, and that is what the ID says.


      Get to know GOD in your heart as the ONLY authority there is! Deny all other authority!

  2. WOW Brad, thanks so much for sharing my contributions to helping reveal the truth. And thank you again so very much for sharing your truth and the brilliant way you share it. I am so grateful for you, what you share, and for all other humane human beings who are sharing these truths.

    Much Love All Ways. <3

  3. Mia

    Excellent collaboration between beautiful BEing Brad & my stunning soul siSTAR ever-so-Joli. 😉 <3

    • Mia, my beautiful, amazing and inspirational siSTAR, thank you for posting the link to Bradley’s awesome writing. Together, we are superstars, together we make a difference, together we become whole again.

      Love all ways sistar <3

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