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“WE” did not collectively get to this place, where – lies, secrecy, falsehoods, and deception – became the “norm” in just one day, a few weeks, or even a few years.  This was coming at us for quite some time – and we are all to blame!

“WE” allowed ourselves to get into this mess because it was “easier” to ignore these types of things than it was to call attention to them.

This is simply our nature! 

We always look for the “easiest” path to deal with things, because we have other things to do.  We do not consider  – lies, secrecy, falsehoods, or deception – to be “immediately dangerous” or life threatening to us, and so we accept and tolerate them in the short term so that we can focus on other things.

Yet, how many of you would actually “ignore” a fire that had just started inside of your kitchen in the same way?

Of course you’d never do that because you “know very well” that there will be an immediate fallout of epic proportions if you don’t do something and so you “deal” with the fire immediately and you do not stop dealing with it until the danger is over and the fire is out!

This is as it should be!  This is the way we were designed to take care of problems in our lives!  Now, if this is the case, then why don’t “WE” address – lies, secrecy, falsehoods, or deception – taking place in our lives in the same way that we address a fire in our kitchen?

It is because “WE” mistakenly think and believe that the “danger” to us and to our family is not very great!  In other words, the fallout from encountering them in our lives is minimal!  

This is not the TRUTH – and anyone who thinks so – does not “love” the truth properly.

Just because we can not immediately “see” the damage and the danger that has been set into motion when we tolerate so many lies and so much secrecy, does not mean that there will not be EPIC CONSEQUENCES to our lives, the lives of our families and the lives of our countrymen!


No matter how much you’ve come to believe otherwise – there was always a very good reason that men and women were supposed to “demand” the truth from one another in their daily activities and encounters.  

There was always a very good reason that people needed to tell the truth in matters of public interest – and even to swear on a Bible to make sure they realized how vital the truth really was!

Look people – it’s time to put our BIG BOY and BIG GIRL pants on every single day and realize that our words, our thoughts, and our communications are vitally important to the smooth operation of our socieites!  If we cast aside the truth – and began to subsitite lies and falsehoods every single day – then our society is done!

The FIRE is now raging and burning across the entire country with vicious ferocity – and it will consume everything in it’s path – INCLUDING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

John F. Kennedy told us that the very word “SECRECY” is repugnant in a free and open society!  And he was right.  He knew how much real damage could be caused to our country and our world if this path was followed for any length of time.

The real question is this:  


Do you?

Let me tell you something that I happen to know is going on – but most people ignore. 

Millions and millions of Americans – (not just a few hundred thousand) – are working on secret projects and programs – in Deep Underground Military Bases – and have signed NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS – (Secrecy) and are engaged as we speak in doing work (for profit) that has the capacity to damage and destroy the very fabric of our society and the country that they and their families are living in!

Their (secrecy) and thus the lies that they must tell – has the capaicty to destroy our society and after that – the entire world!


I am not making this up!  This is not a dream, or a speculation, or an outcome that may or may not occur! 


It is just that in the beginning it is a very slow burning fire and takes time to begin to see the damage.

ONLY NOW  has the fire begun to destroy enough of America so that the rest of us can actually see the damage with our own eyes!   This “secrecy” and the hiding of everything – of keeping everything locked away – and thus the “lies and deception” that everyone must use to hide it all – started with the death of John F. Kennedy in 1963!

We have been living in an a psudeo America – a fake America ever since his death, and the very noticeable decline of our society is a direct result of men and women in “Government” and positions of leadership – making the MISTAKE to believe that “lies, secrecy, falsehoods, and deceptions” – were not dangerous and could not eventually cause the same type of damage as a kitchen fire!

They are not the only ones however!

Many men and women from all over the world have made the same mistake!  They are under the false impression that their willingness to tell lies and use deceptions don’t cause HARM or do real DAMAGE!


So how then do WE change it! 

  • We change it by refusing to accept secrecy! 
  • We change it by refusing to tell lies to each other!
  • We change it by refusing to even consider signing a non-disclosure agreement.
  • We change it by realizing and knowing that telling lies is the same as lighting a match – and then throwing that match into dry timber that will soon catch fire and burn.
  • We change it by realzing and admitting that “WE” – yes “WE” tolerated and accepted things what we should never have tolerated and accepted!
  • We change it by calling out the Main Stream Media and telling them we will NO LONGER TOLERATE THEIR LIES!
  • We tell them that if they continue – they will pay a huge price!
  • We tell them that they are in the process of destroying our society, our countries, and our world!


Naturally – this takes great courage.  Which is why – for the forseeable future – you will be seeing THIS:


All my love



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