By: Bradley Loves

If you really want to have a very good laugh…, then please watch this highly “defensive” speech given by CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Claiming to KNOW everything that there is to “know” about what the CIA has ever done (even though he’s only run the agency for a short time)…, he publicly defends it, while at the same time “calling names” and disparaging people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden like a helpless 5 year old on the playground!

He “name calls” any person who dares to “challenge” the school yard’s premier playground gang, (THE CIA)…, and calls the New York Times, and the Washington Post (know to be 100 percent under the thumb of the CIA) great News Organizations!

Is he kidding?  Is he joking?  Does he really believe this?


I was TOLD face to face by a man who used to work down in Central America (a legitimate CIA assest) that it was the CIA and the CIA alone that was running the world wide DRUG TRADE!

He claimed to have worked directly under Oliver North.

The CRIMES that this organization commits on a daily basis all around the world against humanity and against common human beings is on the level of COSMIC.

What about all of the “honey traps” that the CIA itself is using to compromise government officials.  And I’m not talking about using men or women…, but I’m talking about “set ups” where young children…, innocent boy’s and girls are used!

These “men” (if you can even call them men) willingly place a child into the clutches of a grown adult for sex…, ONLY so that they can video tape the event to be later used against the adult target!

And I don’t CARE if “Israel” and “China”…, and “Russia” are already doing it!!”

Here are my “comments” on this speech!

Don’t you “f’ing” get up on your high horse…, and talk to me about AMERICAN VALUES…, when you don’t have a damn clue what AMERICAN VALUES really are!

Don’t you claim to be keeping “AMERICA” safe…, when your organization is “running guns” …., “selling drugs”…, and “aiding” in the world wide trafficking of little children!!

Unless and until YOU’VE CLEANED UP THAT EPIC MESS…, then your organization is (for the most part) filled with a bunch of two bit petty play ground thugs…, and News Organizations…, like the New York Times…, and the Washington Post, under your direction…,  are running COVER for you!

You may have fooled a few people by this comedic speech…, BUT there is a GOD who sees EVERYTHING!









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