Madonna wears Satanic T-Shirt to raise funds during Easter for Bill Gates Foundation

Madonna’s Instagram account has become a source of controversy yet again. A few days ago, the singer launched a fundraiser for the Bill Gates-backed Accelerator for COVID-19 wearing a t-shirt with Satan in place of Jesus on the cross.

Only three weeks ago, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Welcome Trust, and Mastercard announced the launch of the so-called COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, a $125 million dollar fund to address the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Last Friday, The Gates Foundation announced three additional partners in this mondialist project linked to the future Mark of the Beast, the U.K. government, the Chan/Zuckerberg Initiative aka Facebook, and the Illuminati singer, Madonna, who has always been a mouthpiece for the globalist elite.

However, Madonna’s blasphemousact did not go unnoticed.

Don Aldo Buonaiuto, head of the Anti-Sects Service of the Pope John XXIII Communitysaid that Madonna “Instrumentalizes and offends the Faith with an offensive act to the many innocent victims crucified this Easter by the Coronavirus.” Don Aldo Buonaiuto, an anthropologist, and demonologist is considered one of the leading Italian experts in the occult sect phenomenon and is consulted by prosecution offices and law enforcement agencies from Italy and other countries in Europe.

Remember, it was only last year that Madonna celebrated the rise of the Antichrist in her most unusual performance to date showing her allegiance to the Prince of Darkness during a May 2019 Eurovision show in Israel.  I spoke extensively about it in my latest book Confessions of an Illuminati vol.4. This is a specific passage of great importance:

Remember, this didn’t happen in Hollywood, but in Israel, as the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is a member of the socialist-infested European Broadcasting Union, which is responsible for the event. Israel won the contest four times and has hosted the contest in Jerusalem twice in 1979 and 1999, but this time the scenario was rather different, as Madonna’s performance in these crucial times for humanity was far more spooky than expected given the fact that Israel is the land where Bible prophecy originates, and the Antichrist is planned to rule, and where last but not least, the Battle of Armageddon will be fought during the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Madonna impersonated the Antichrist singing,  “Like A Prayer” to a packed house of Jews and Palestinians, wearing a wannabe Marilyn Manson eye patch while mocking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But there is an even more spooky element connected to the spread of the CCP virus in Madonna’s appearance. At one point several performers previously dressed as monks fall to the ground while wearing army military-looking gas masks often used for biological warfare. The performance was a message in disguise that concluded with Madonna and Quavo holding hands as the words “Wake Up”flash on a large screen behind them. The Gates Foundation described the three new partners mentioned above as donors.

CZI will provide $20 million to the Accelerator, with another $5 million available based on possible future needs. Meanwhile, the size of Madonna’s and the U.K. government’s donations, and their level of involvement was not disclosed but she is definitely involved and eager to participate in the Bill Gates CCP virus propaganda.

In the meantime, former Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates backs a new Orwellian $1bn plan to cover the planet with video surveillance satellites. Everything seems ready for the Reign of the Antichrist and Madonna serves him well.

Here is the video in question from Madonna’s Instagram account:
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