By: Bradley Loves


Without mind control, Dark Magicians have a very hard time in performing any kind of MAGIC (magnetics) that can have an affect upon our world!

What I see happening in the Kavanaugh debacle is FULL BLOWN – MIND CONTROL!

The democrats (and sadly most people can not see this) have brought out an ancient tool that few who are seeing events unfold – can understand!

All of the very “unreasonable” demands that are being made by the Kavanaugh accuser – are in fact MIND CONTROL TACTICS!

They are in the process of setting up a MAGIC SPELL!

In order to set up the “spell” properly…, they MUST create an absurd environment where those who they are doing battle with must “agree” and “submit” to them over and over again!

This must be done to an absurd level so that the opponent is totally weakened in his (or her) MIND!

This is being done with unsuspecting Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee and I am quite amazed that these Senators can not see that they are actually caught up the process of SATANIC MAGIC!

See this link:

This “extra day”…, which has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING…, is only necessary to compel the Committee Leader to bow and submit to the Lawyers who are hovering around Ford!

I’m truly sorry that more people can NOT SEE that Grassley is being “magic spelled” by some pretty good Deep State Magicians!

By gaining HIS CONSENT…, and by controlling HIS MIND (which he is not yet aware of)…, they are using ANCIENT DARK KNOWLEDGE in order to get their way!

Grassley is a FOOL!

He is walking right into a MIND CONTROL TRAP by allowing other people to dictate terms to him.

One should never allow someone else to “control” things to this degree…, becuase this is how MAGIC gets done!

Only someone who knows “magic” could spot it!


These people are not to be fooled with or under-estimated!

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