By: Bradley Loves


There has never been a “stage show” in the history of our world that involved an ILLUSIONIST, which did not ALSO involve deception, or mis-direction.

In fact, slight of hand, or mis-direction are integral parts of a magicians CRAFT.

Think deeply on this, and you’ll see the TRUTH of it.

“Pulling the wool” over the eyes (and the minds) of the audience is the ENTIRE GOAL of a good illusionist, and is what makes for a good stage show.

I was told (early on) in my research and interviews with insiders that almost everyone who worked in the Secret Space Programs/NASA were deeply into Occult/Hidden Magic.

I was also told that all very high level Illuminati/Government leaders were deeply into Occult/Hidden Magic.

I was then told that those men and women who were at the top levels of FREEMASONRY, as well as the VATICAN were deeply into Occult and Hidden Magic.

Now let this sink in!


If this is true, (and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is) then you can see that these men (and women) are using the TOOLS of the MAGICIANS CRAFT!

Acting “AS IF” they were on a stage, and the whole world was their audience…, they have engaged in a constant and non-stop “performance” which involves slight of hand, and mis-direction.

Honestly, can ANY ONE with a brain that still works…, argue with this??

What do you think the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is, if not the pretty lady standing off to the side of the “stage” and pointing the audiences “attention” away from where the CON and the MAGIC is being done??

Every NEWS PRESENTER is a “pretty face” that is primped, and quaffed to perfection…, and is ONLY THERE to draw your attention away from anything that is truly IMPORTANT for you to see and know.

This basically makes the ENTIRE establishment media, nothing more than a PAID WHORE for a magic show performance, where their ONLY job is to distract and mis-direct the target audience!

What’s worse…, is they KNOW THIS…, and are ON BOARD with getting paid to DO THIS!

Think deeply on this…, and you’ll know it to be the TRUTH.

There is no mystery here…, and it is as clear as the nose on your face!

The difficulty here is our ability as human beings to BE HONEST with ourselves and ADMIT that we are being conned.

Behind the “pretty faces” of the news media (whose job it is to mis-direct) you have the actual MAGICIANS who are crafting and creating MASSIVE ILLUSIONS here on Earth (which are nothing more than CONS) and hoping that the target audience (of which YOU are a part) does not wake up…, and will never see!

This is how simple this really is!

It is actually EXCEEDINGLY SIMPLE…, and yet it requires one single thing that is most unfortunate.

It requires YOUR ADMITTING that you were being CONNED.


How horrible, and how difficult this one single thing will be for most of the world at large to face up to.

NO ONE wants to believe that they have “been taken in” by a massive lie!

NO ONE wants to know that the trust they have placed in others has been totally abused and therefore mis-placed.

And yet, this is exactly what has happened.

Before you can see that all of this is a STAGE SHOW…, a GRAND ILLUSION…, you need to have a CLEAR MIND.

I dare you to listen to this entire song…, one that was put out by a rock band called: STYX in the 1970’s…, and still claim that you were NOT TOLD!


It says:

Don’t be fooled by the radio…, the TV, or a magazine…., they’ll show you photographs of how your life should be, IMAGINE someone else’s FANTASY.


It may be of interest for you to know that what was once a group of 12 men running the TOP SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS and was simply called:

MJ-12…, is now called:  MAJIC


Preston James, one of my favorite writers and who can be seen usually on Veteran’s Today has a brand new article out called:


It can be found here:

The Third Hijacking of America?

In his article he says this about “MAJIC”…

2- MJ12 (now called MAJIC) was expanded to many more than 12 people, and has representatives from Russia, China and numerous other nations…, each committed to defending Planet Earth from these alleged space invaders.

This group agreed that they would brief key legislators and take control over them by explaining the absolute necessity for them to yield to the agenda of this new deep-black element in order for the human to survive.


Think about this DEEPLY for just a moment!!


In the MSM – THE MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA…, we’ve got men and women literally foaming at the mouth, and screeching…, about Donald Trumps “collusion” with RUSSIA…, when in fact:

RUSSIA – CHINA – AMERICA – and NUMEROUS OTHER NATIONS are working together as we speak to form a UNITED FRONT in defense against ROGUE EXTRA TERRESTRIALS… (Or at least so says Preston James).

If this is so, and at this point, I have no doubt that something of this calibre is going on…, then all of this Sabre Rattling that is going on between Russia, China, and America is very literally a STAGE SHOW.

Very much like in the 1997 Hollywood Movie called: WAG THE DOG, Where the Media was involved in CONVINCING the American Public that a WAR was taking place, when no such war actually happened, we are being given a PERFORMANCE by world leaders that is meant to CON and beguile the masses.



Could it be that EVERYTHING…, and I do mean EVERYTHING that we as the “public” have been told ever since ROSWELL has been a blatant fabrication or worse…, and that our entire way of life since then has been like watching a STAGE SHOW?

Could it be that masterful MAGICIANS – ILLUSIONISTS – and other men of the DARK CRAFTS OF DECEPTION have been actively running a world wide CON of epic proportions?

If they have…, then WHO (pray tell) is going to hold them accountable for such horrible and wanton behaviour??

WHO draws the line in the sand and says:



Who is willing to go down to the matt in this epic struggle for TRUTH and say to those who claim to be “in charge” that if you do not cease and desist these lies and deceptions…., I will hold you accountable and BOUND to these crimes for a TRILLION YEARS???

Have you read my publicly posted


See this link:

If you have not yet figured this out…, this DECLARATION (publicly posted) is a GRAVE WARNING to all those who would continue to lie and to decieve!

It is a warning to every single man, woman and child living and breathing ANYWHERE on this planet that has signed “non-disclosure” agreements and thinks there are no COSMIC LEVEL CONSEQUENCES.

It basically says this:


(You do not have a right to affect or effect my life in any way that is negative because I have to actually give you permission to do that).

And, if you as the reader can put two and two together…, you will also realize that ANY and EVERY single form of loss or harm that I have ever experienced as a result of someone else’s WILLINGNESS TO LIE…, and WILLINGNESS TO KEEP SECRETS…, can and will be held against those who have done so for ETERNITY…, unless and until total restitution and repayment is MADE!

This means that “I” as a living and breathing human being had a “RIGHT” to live my life as I would have chosen if ALL OF THE FACTS and ALL OF THE DATA had been made available to me TRUTHFULLY.

No one who is living or existing anywhere, at anytime (even if they are Extra-Terrestrials) has the right to CON and/or DECIEVE another human being once that human being publicly says:


The fact that a huge CON/DECEPTION was put into play here on Earth, in order to create a “power differential” so that certain very wealthy OLIGARCHS could reap the benefits of what “should” have been common public knowledge, can no longer be hidden from view.

And…,  because I (and others) have found out about this CON…, it is OUR JOB to hold these men and women both accountable and fully bound to their horrendous choices, and despicable acts which have been done here on Earth.

What should be clear (if you’ve been paying any attention at all) is that through the use of super advanced technologies…, the WEALTHIEST people living here on the planet were about to create a One World Government or a New World Order based upon LUCIFERIAN rule.

With all of the super advanced knowledge that they had in their hands and in their possession…, (The Vatican Library and the Ancient Mystery Schools) and with ALL of the money they had that was stolen and pillaged from the rest of us while we worked and labored throughout our entire lives…, they were going to create a “fascist” world order, where only the ones AT THE VERY TOP were able to live good lives, while all of the rest of us were lowered down to the level of SLAVES!

They were going to create a DARK REALITY here on the planet and the way they did that was by HIDING THE TRUTH from all of the rest of us.

If you are not outraged by this…, if you are not MAD AS HELL…, if you are not divinely angry about this…, then you are still far from SANE, and are far from AWAKE.



Further more, because many of the masses of the world could NOT be convinced of the deplorable CON…, and would not “accept” these fake ideas…, then Mind Control and a massive world wide programming effort was put into place.

See this article that I just wrote concerning the ABOMINATION that is Mind Control called: THE BIGGEST COSMIC LEVEL CRIME THERE IS.

If you are not truly angry about this, then there is only one thing holding you back…, and (most likely) is the New Age CON that says that you can NEVER ASCEND if you do not forgive everyone, everything that they have ever done to you.

Yes…, this wholly CHANNELED deception is very much NEW AGE…, and is very much a CON!!

THE COURSE IN MIRACLES is the most prominent book in this regard and for this idea.

Taken from Wikipedia:

A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) is a 1976 book containing a self-study curriculum which claims to assist its readers in achieving a spiritual transformation.

The underlying premise of the work is the teaching that the greatest “miracle” that one may achieve in one’s life, is the act of simply gaining a full “awareness of love’s presence” in one’s own life.[1]

The book was written, or “scribed,” by Helen Schucman, who claimed that it had been dictated to her word for word via “inner dictation” (CHANNELED) which came directly from Jesus.[2][3]

The Course contains a curriculum to bring about what it calls a “spiritual transformation,” consisting of three sections entitled the “Text”, “Workbook for Students,” and “Manual for Teachers”.

Written (transcribed) from 1965 to 1972, some distribution occurred via photocopies before a hardcover edition was published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace.[4]

The copyright and trademarks, which had been held by two foundations, were revoked in 2004[4] after lengthy litigation because the earliest versions had been circulated without a copyright notice.

Throughout the 1980s annual sales of the book steadily increased each year; however the largest growth in sales occurred in 1992 after Marianne Williamson discussed the book on The Oprah Winfrey Show,[4] with more than two million volumes sold.[4]

The book has been called everything from “New Age psychobabble”[7] to “a Satanic seduction”[4] to “The New Age Bible


In short…, this book…, Channeled by Helen Schucman says that everything “bad” happening anywhere is a result of our collective unwillingness to FORGIVE.

The book further says that our ONLY (yes only) way out of this nightmare is to FORGIVE everyone, everything they ever do to us (no matter what).

Now…, as with all things that I speak about, I would not be handing out an opinion if I had not read the entire COURSE IN MIRACLES from cover to cover.

In fact, I did the practicies it recommended for three years of my life (just to see if they worked).

Because you need to do these practices daily…, I had to eventually buy a second copy of the book, due to the first one falling apart due to so much use.

After much study and practice (in depth) I can tell you that I was no better off after reading and doing the COURSE than I was before I started.

It is then that I started to ask lots and lots of questions about this course and where it came from.  I also asked one simple question which is the “smoking gun” so to speak.

First of all…, just who in the heck IS Helen Schucman??

In October 1965, a Jewish – atheist – psychologist named Helen Schucman, an associate professor of medical psychology at Columbia University in New York, claimed she began receiving channeled messages from an unknown entity in an audible voice.

She claims that from 1956-1972 an inner Voice dictated to her the three books which comprise A Course in Miracles.

This voice, claimed Schuchman, was the voice of Jesus.

Schuchman recalled, “The voice made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid inner diction which I took down in a shorthand notebook”.

She claims the Voice chose moments when she was free–at work, on the subway, at home–to dictate Christ’s update.

Notice that she was a “Psychologist”…, or someone who would be VERY adept at understanding how the MIND WORKS.

She also worked at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY!

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY is a huge NWO institution…, and is run by the ILLUMINATI.

Here is the best and most important question to ask yourself…

Who BENEFITS the most, if every single man, woman and child FORGIVES everything that has ever been done to us??

Do we actually experience a benefit here on Earth from these “teachings”?

Or…, do the INSANE members of the Illuminati, who do horrible Child Sacrifices, eat human flesh, and drink human blood… BENEFIT MORE??

Could this have been written as a “Get out of Jail Free Card” and as an attempt to get anyone who might find out about their NWO plans to CON FORGIVENESS OUT OF THEM??

Could this have been “hedging their bet” so that just in case they were ever found out…, they would have in place an entire THOUGHT SYSTEM which says the only way you can be right with Jesus or God is to FORGIVE the men and women who tortured you the most??


You…, or the ILLUMINATI??

Is this just another huge slight of hand trick…, a deception, and an ILLUSION?


Even more of interest:

The dictating “Jesus” of the Course in Miracles contradicted nearly everything the Bible says about Him.

That fact is admitted by Kenneth Wapnick, head of the foundation that publishes the Course.

Not surprisingly, what this “Jesus” said was in perfect agreement with countless messages being communicated by a wide variety of entities through thousands of “channels” around the world.

Yet Schucman was ignorant of the phenomenon of “channeling” until it suddenly happened to her.


Now…, let’s get back to the NEW AGE and their deep relationship to HIGH LEVEL FREEMASONRY…, and their penchant for rubbing shoulders with blatant SATANITS and LUCIFERIANS.

I wrote an entire seventeen part series about this called:  THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME which can be found here:

I also wrote another series called: THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT IN SLIDE PICTURES ONLY which can be found here:

If after reading both of these series, you have any doubt what-so-ver that the NEW AGE is very closely related to Freemasonry or Satanism…, then you just don’t want to know!

Think deeply on all of this information…, as it is only given out for your benefit.

All my love….

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