By: Bradley Loves


Ever since I wrote the very first article about Magic…, there have been those who have “asked” for more information.  Each and every time, I politely declined.

However, I have decided to hand out a very powerful and special prayer of Transmutation…, that I use everyday!

If used daily, it will change the very atoms of your body!

However…, take heed…, this is real, and it is powerful…, and has to be done to the letter of the instructions!   If you start the prayer, you MUST finish it properly, because it is WHITE MAGIC.



I, of my own freewill, here and now, and forever dissolve and dis articulate every negative thought, idea, image, word, action, selfishness, hate or greed that I have ever created!  When I say ALL…, I mean ALL OF IT!

Now that I have dissolved all of these negative energies into tiny particles, I of my own freewill, and through the power of the PRIME CREATOR, choose to transmute, transmute, transmute these energy things into the purest LOVE that has ever been seen.

I thank creation for this newly transmuted LOVE, and hereby send ALL of it DIRECTLY back to my Prime Creator,  THE ETERNAL SOURCE of all that is good, so that it may be used to create better things than I first did with it.

All my love, I give thanks!


Important instructions:

Once you start the prayer you must say ALL OF IT!  This prayer dissolves dark energy from your physical body and etheric body!

Once you dissolve these dark energies…, YOU MUST transmute them!  If you do not, there are dark entities who will claim the energy AS SALVAGE…, and use it for dark purposes!

Once you transmute the energies into LOVE…, you MUST SEND THEM DIRECTLY to Source!  If you do not…, there are still entities on the lower astral plain that will feed on them and use them.  They will claim them AS SALVAGE because you as the creator of them did not say where they should go.

The ONLY SAFE thing to do is to send them to SOURCE!  That way you are not giving ammunition or energy to those entities who would use them against other beings.  Let PRIME CREATOR DECIDE HOW TO USE THEM.

If you do not understand what I mean by SALVAGE…, then see this article that I wrote on the matter.


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