By: Bradley Loves


Openly lying in order to create “cover” for a staged coup and revolt against the Presidency of Donald Trump, the Main Stream Media has hit its lowest point ever.

Instead of simply reporting the News, they are actively BLOCKING the TRUTH from coming out!

What’s worse is the reason they are doing it.

The Main Stream Media (controlled by the Deep State and the CIA) has actually taken to HIDING important stories which are in the public interest in order to FACILITATE an American Civil War!

Not only lying and decieving, but also aiding and abetting those who would commit chaos and voilence against average american people!

Every man and women who works for these Media outlets (and helps to block the truth) has now become a TERROIST AND A CRIMINAL!

They have committed TREASON of the highest order (Against the American People).

See this video from Alex Jones at


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