By: Bradley Loves

Before we proceed today with another installment of the commentary to Mark Passio’s  “De-Mystifying the Occult”.., I am offering  THIS video as “proof” and also as background.

Everything that Mark talks about in his almost 4 hour lecture…, is pointed out in this video AS ACTUALLY HAPPENING in real life as we speak!

Of course…, what may not be obvious to many new comers…, but is well KNOWN to everyone in the TRUTH MOVEMENT…, is that both the Clinton’s and the Bushes are in fact, SATANISTS!

So when Mark talks about “Satanists” and “Satanism”…, (and the “mindset” that they hold) he is talking about people like the Bushes and the Clinton’s.

Please review the first commentary that I wrote…, then watch this video so you can connect the dots!!

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