It’s gone about as far as it can go now – and everything will soon be turning around!

However, you do NEED to be “prepared”!

The first thing that you really need to know is that nothing “new and better” can ever be built unless the old and the out-dated thing that is standing in the way is torn down! 

Any carpenter or “builder” knows that before he can remodel or build something entirely new – he first has to remove whatever is already there and standing in his way.  This, my friends, is just common sense.

What we (collectively) have here on Earth – World Wide – is a very outdated and corrupt “SYSTEM” of control that no longer serves us and must be torn down and replaced!

This system is (as we speak) being torn down totally so that a new system can be rebuilt that better serves “We the People”.

We all say that we desperately want something better.  But do we realize that in order to get something better, we actually have to remove all of the old stuff first?

What I am saying (for those who have ears to hear) is that you must HAVE FAITH!  You’ve got to put aside your fears and have COURAGE when you see the “system” being torn down.

So, what does it look like if we are in the process of removing all of the old and corrupt (read rotten to the core) systems that have existed here on Earth for thousands of years, including the systems of Banking, Government, Religion, Medicine, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Courts, Education, Corporations, Agencies, Communications, etc, etc, etc, and even the corrupt system of the internet – all of which were operating on a “good old boy system” of corruption, bribery, collusion, kick-backs, graft, theft, skimming, and every other type of evil that you can imagine?

Well, think back to when you did you last home remodel – or when you last walked through a building that was under major construction. 

It was very messy everywhere!

If you can look at what is going on around you as nothing more that a very BIG and EXPENSIVE REMODEL PROJECT – then you will make it through this okay.

Now, what is the first thing that people who are remodeling their kitchen do?   

They stock up on all kinds of supplies and get a make shift kitchen going somewhere else.  In other words THEY PREPARE!   They prepare to be without what they consider to be their “normal” conveniences for a certain period of time. 

They are willing to do this because they KNOW that something much better is being built for them – but the building of it is going to take a certain amount of TIME.


If all of Earth’s systems (ALL OF THEM) are about to be torn down and undergo a huge remodel, are you prepared, and are you ready to do without these systems temporarily – so that something MUCH BETTER can be put back up in its place?

I know a lot of you want the MED-BEDS to be released.  But in order for these to ever get released, we’ve got to close down the hospitals – because those who run the hospitals (at the very top) don’t want the MED-BEDS released to the public.

So are you ready to go without hospitals for awhile?

I know that a lot of you want FREE ENERGY to come online.  But in order for free energy to come online – we’ve got to shut down the power for awhile – because those who run the power companies (at the very top) don’t want FREE ENERGY.

Are you ready to go without power for a short while?

I know a lot of you want the Quantum Internet and a new Financial System to come online – but in order for that to happen we have to shut down the other internet and close many of the Banks for a while, because those who run the Banks and the internet – don’t want the New Financial System and the new Quantum Internet to come on line.

Are you ready for that?

Did you prepare at all for going without all of your daily “comforts” – just like someone would do if their entire home was under construction and being remodeled? 

Have you told your friends and neighbors to prepare as well? 

Here is the very least that people should have on hand at home in order to be ready for a GREAT REMODEL OF THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.

  1. Plenty of Food and Water to last a few months.
  2. Extra Supplies like soaps, cleaning, toilet paper and paper towels.
  3. Water purification devices.
  4. Portable cooking devices.
  5. A back up generator and enough fuel to last a few months (in case the power goes out)
  6. How to books on everything you can think of – including how to be your own Doctor.
  7. First Aid supplies
  8. Batteries, Lanterns, and Candles
  9. Fans and Heaters
  10. Cash out of the Bank and on hand because cards wont work (Gold and Silver on hand as well)
  11. Guns and Ammo
  12. Gardening Equipment, potting soil and seeds for fast growing vegetables and crops.
  13. Communications devices such as CB Radio or Ham Radio or Satellite Phones.
  14. Solar Panels to charge things with.
  15. A list of people you can gather with who will help you when you need it most.
  16. Games to play for the kids and books to read.
  17. Finally a willingness to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!  During this time many of the old guard may try to get people who need “Mommy and Daddy” to take care of them into camps.  Do you want to be put in a camp?  Or, have you prepared on your own – and have you got it “handled”?


If you have it “handled” – then you are well on your way to making it through the storm.  However, if you want “Mommy and Daddy” Government to take care of you like a little baby – then you are NOT going to do well in the coming weeks and months!


This is why taking down the “OLD SYSTEM” is being done from behind the scenes and in such a way that it actually collapses in on itself.  What we are seeing is a “controlled demolition” – being done by a very capable group called “THE ALLIANCE”.

ONCE YOU ARE “CLEAR” (also known as CLARITY) that this is being done deliberately – by very powerful forces who want a better world – then you can GET ON BOARD – and DO YOUR PART!

Your part in all of this is BEING PREPARED (firstly) – and then knowing and having faith that it is all just TEMPORARY! 

No kitchen remodel will last forever – and once the remodel is done – something much better will stand where the old kitchen once stood.

In the meantime – HOLD THE LINE!

All my love,

Stay “tuned” for Part Two


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