How could we have missed this? 

In the Star Wars SAGA, all of the Storm Troopers were loyal to the Jedi in helping them to do good.  They did this right up until the very moment that they were “ordered” to follow their secret oath to take the Jedi out! 

At that very moment, they became the enemy of the Jedi and murdered as many of them as they could find, yes even CHILDREN!

Well what do you see happening out there in the world people – COME ON – WAKE UP!

Welcome to the Cult of the Freemasons – your friendly neighborhood Storm Troopers – who have been pretending to be Christian and to work very hard for humanity right up until they reach the 33rd Degree, that is until they find out that Freemasonry is a Secret Religion, and its highest members actually worship LUCIFER and not Jesus Christ.

So the great con here is that they work hard for We the People until the very moment that they are ordered NOT TO by something called a MANDATE!

Order 66 in the movie are the MANDATES we are experiencing Globally as we speak.

Mandates come from Freemasonry. 

They are not Laws!  They are orders given from a Grand Wizard or a Grand Master to everyone who has taken a secret oath to their lodge.  The people who are forcing these mandates upon the people of Earth are affiliated with the Freemasons across the entire world!

They are now following the END TIMES ORDER –  ORDER NUMBER 666

See this article below:

Masonic New World Order Via Plandemic? What Is A Mandate?

Masonic New World Order Via Plandemic? What Is A Mandate? Orders and decrees of a Grand Master or a Grand Lodge are called Mandates!!

… how in the world, did we ever get into a situation where a mandate is more powerful than our laws, or the Charters of Rights and Freedoms, or your country’s constitution, or any law?

Did you know ‘mandate’ is something that comes from the Grand Master freemason or Grand Lodge… and that there are many masons amongst us, who must obey the Grand Master and they are planted in all walks of life. Research “grand master mason mandate” and see that this issue is more than just trying to negotiate with a Prime Minister, President or any puppet of your choosing.

orders and decrees of a Grand Master or a Grand Lodge are called Mandates.

Your leaders who have become masons are under a secret oath… find out what the oath is, and why they agree to serve each other, instead of YOU… and they can’t stop or else! If they are mason, they have to take the order, or face death.  This 5-hour video will provide you with the right education on this matter of the secret world religion where mandates come from.

This likely explains why the media, celebrities, police, school boards, pharma, judges, and others, are all playing along with the plandemic!!

It’s not because they think they are doing the right thing… it’s because they have to do so or die! Please watch this video… pass it along, this is happening everywhere.  It’s time for this planet to follow God’s laws rather than to obey humans who are pretending to be God.   

I know five  hours is a long time – but please do make the effort to watch this one.

Regardless of what you hear in this video, just know this:


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