By: Bradley Loves


So it is Easter of 2019!

I thought this would be a good day to showcase the stunning decline of Godliness here in America.  Not that I am an “advocate” for Religion mind you.  However, I do see a monumental lapse in most American’s willingness to admit there even IS a GOD.

Instead, in what was once a country that acknowledged “GOD” as the ONE Spiritual Leader of our lives in almost every single way, we now have most Americans either believeing there IS NO GOD…, or that GOD is instead – their OWN SELF!

In “NEW AGE TERMS”…, GOD is the “self”…, or the “higher self”…, and everywhere you go in NEW AGE LAND…, you’ll hear or read about nothing but the SELF.., the SELF.., the SELF!

ME – ME – ME – ME – ME…, it ALL ABOUT ME!

What does my “higher self” need.  What does my “higher self” want…, what does my HIGHER SELF say?

Instead of loving GOD…, those who follow the New Age have taken to loving THEMSELVES ALONE.



You see…, who would have thought that it would be so very easy to CON millions of people into accepting SATANISM…, simply by adding one word in front of another word.

SATANISM is all about “the self” after all!

It is all about me, me, me, me, me!   Nothing else matters but ME!  I care only about what is good for ME.  I think about only about what is good for ME!

Now…, in order to do a little bit of “magic” (which they are fairly good at)…, the Satanists simply ADDED a single word in front of “SELF” in order to pull a fast one on some really gullible people.

What was that one word?


That is all they did!   Just like an advertising company will add one single word to a product to make it seem far better…, the Satanists (being great salesmen) added a single word to their “PRODUCT” which was not selling well!

Now instead of selling just BEER…, they are selling “SELECT BEER” or…, “PREMIUM BEER”!

In New Age terms…, instead of worshiping and aggrandizing the SELF…, which is a wholly SATANIC tennet…, they are selling the worship of the “HIGHER SELF”.



Can you believe that people actually bought it?  Can you believe that this is all the DARK MAGICIANS had to do…, (perform a little bit of word magic) and people would fall hook, line and sinker into SATANISM?

No…, no…, you are not worshipping the self…, not at all…, you are worhipping your “HIGHER” self!

It’s PREMIUM BEER…, it’s not just beer!

The NEW AGE is not really about Satanism…, no not a all!  Just believe……



Well, can you see the Satanists literally rolling on the floor, holding their sides, and laughing so hard they can’t possibly stop?

They are hysterical that the CON worked so well!

You mean all we had to do was place a single word in front of another one – and suddenly they would FALL FOR IT??



Here in America…, the fallout of this manipulation is everywhere!  People are so “INTO” their own selves…, (I mean “higher” selves) that they don’t CARE what is happeing around them any longer.

America is falling into CHAOS, and we’ve got New Agers going through a daily ritual of asking one simple question:

  • What is “best” for ME today…, how does this help ME?

Would it surprise you to know that this is the EXACT SAME QUESTION every Satanist asks themselves every single day?

Satanists go through the same daily ritual and ask:

  • What is “best” for ME today…, how does this help ME?

Of course…, Mark Passio said as much in THIS VIDEO…, and is perplexed (just as much as I am) as to how people can’t seem to see it!


Now I could (I won’t but I could) point out at least a few hundred New Age blogs and websites that talk CONSTANTLY about being concerned with your “higher self”…, PRAYING to your “higher self” and doing everything you can for your “higher self”.

There isn’t a single word about GOD…, or about doing GODS WILL!

But, as I said yesterday in a rather important post…, IF YOU DONT LOVE GOD “FIRST”…, you can’t possibly LOVE ANYONE ELSE!

Think deeply on these things…, and if you are HONEST…, you’ll find every word is TRUE!

Now…, what do we do about it?

All my love…







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