By: Bradley Loves


You know, I understand the NEW AGE desire for a better world, and I understand all of the “teachings” that have been shoved down their throats which demands that they “forgive” and “not judge” everything.

I therefore also (to some extent) understand their horrible FEAR that they will not make the “cut” or be able to “Ascend” if they even judge a single act.    (This really is a FEAR)

But what I will NEVER understand is how they can not SEE that the world is actively being SAVED by good men and women who are locked in an EPIC STRUGGLE with EVIL, and as a result of this have made themselves huge targets for the Illuminati and the Cabal, and are therefore SUFFERING indescribably for what they are doing for the rest of mankind!

I just don’t understand the “disconnect”!

These New Agers will watch as real men and real women living here on Earth engage in epic battles – achieving great victories over the cabal…, and then (as if human beings did not matter at all) they will give THANKS to the Ascended Masters – the Galactic Federation – or the ETS for all of the results that were actually achieved by their own fellowman!!

Can you even describe a larger and more obvious disconnect??

Here is an example of how they think!

Yea, yea…, that’s right…, we are all ONE!  Those humans who are suffering don’t matter.  In fact…, it was MY PRAYERS to the Ascended ones that produced the affect of other humans finally taking action!  They are just robots being moved around on the game board by MY prayers to the Ascended Ones.  They are NOT even real (because nothing is real)…, and I’m the one doing it all from the comfort of my own bedroom sanctuary!



I am not kidding…, this is the level of flaky thinking that some of these wholly disconnected from reality (and thus disconnected from life) – NEW AGERS engage in!

No one else (but them) matters – because they claim to be the “most spiritual” since they are 100 percent OBEDIENT in non judgement.

So here are a few posts on 8-chan from the Anons who are working hard for Q, just to spell it out for you!

Apr 27 2018 23:02:52 (EST) Anonymous ID: 02d83f 1218465

You act as if we haven’t talked at length about this. We’ve created threads, research topics and more about grounded planes, backdoors and retaliation.

I’m really sick of autists not getting credit for work we’ve already done.

How many times can I yell into an echo chamber?

No single public arrest. Pedophiles still public.

We’ve lost our jobs over this. Lost friends. Still nothing to show.


You see, the REAL WARRIORS are in the trenches!  They are the ones who are doing everything they can to spread the word about the Satanists and what they are doing here!

They care so deeply about love, life and the Earth, they are willing to do whatever it takes!

Good men and women really are “losing their jobs” – “losing friends” – “having difficulty with their family members”!

Many more people have actually become real time targets of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) and end up like Bryan Alexander and countless others who were either “heart attacked” – or driven to suicide!  These were ALL innocent people, simply trying to help EARTH!

But – they LOVE humanity (their fellowman) so much, they are willing to sacrifice for the good of everyone else!

How many “New Agers” have made that kind of Sacrifice?

I still read countless New Age blogs (I do it to know what they are saying and thinking) – and there are countless posts and articles each day telling their followers to:

  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Go get a coffee and be happy!
  • Never judge, don’t worry!
  • Nothing matters, nothing is real.
  • There is no such thing as bad, no such thing as Evil.
  • Anything bad that ever happens to anyone, they wanted that.
  • Take care of yourself, work hard on YOU!
  • Ascension is only moments away (Dec. 21, 2012 and still not here)
  • Barack Obama is a still (believe it or not) a Saint and is here to lead everyone into the promised land.


I read it all!  And yet, this is the NEW AGEY CON that basically (for those with eyes to see) always was meant to get the good people to do one thing only…, and that was to “STAND DOWN”.

This is a classic psy-op operation and is used in WAR all the time.

The United States has used this tactic again and again in times of WAR where they will drop leaflets from helicopters and airplanes over the target populations telling them that “fighting back” is useless and that they will most certainly die if they fight.

These leaflets tell them to SAVE THEMSELVES and to go home!

Well, what in the world are these “channeled messages” if not LEAFLETS from “above”??

These messages tell good people who might want to do something about a SATANIC takeover of the entire planet to “just forgive it all”!  “Never judge anything you see”…, “do nothing”…, “go home and save yourself”.

And yet….

No matter how much I talk and how much I try to show these people that they are being LIED TO.  They refuse to believe me and refuse to ENGAGE in the fight!

And by the way, WHO ELSE on the ENTIRE INTERNET is saying what I’m saying??

A few at best!

This is the level of MIND CONTROL that the NEW AGE (created by the Jesuits) has over the entire population of the Planet.

Why even write an article like this one?

Because I feel that the ones who are actually “fighting” and “suffering” for all of humanity DESERVE a little bit more credit, support, and help from the rest who are not capable and not willing to engage!

If you are unwilling to directly confront the SATANISTS and the NWO…, at least support and send a hug to those who do!

All my love….

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