By: Bradley Loves


Marianne Williamson…, whose only real claim to fame is her long and on going support of the NEW AGE BOOK:  THE COURSE IN MIRACLES…., (a book written by a New York City Psychologist who claims to have been “Channeling Jesus”)…., has just thrown that book onto the ground and STOMPED ALL OVER IT!

That book (which I’ve read from cover to cover) says in no uncertain terms that you are NEVER SUPPOSED TO “JUDGE” ANYONE… for anything they do…

Well…, just look at what Ms. Williamson has said about Donald Trump in the news media!

Please see the video in this Breitbart Report!!

Marianne Williamson: Trump Is ‘Beyond Racism’ — He Is a ‘Serious Sociopathic Demagogue’

Can this woman…, who has made ALL OF HER FAME by promoting THE COURSE IN MIRACLES…, be a bigger HYPOCRITE???

I can not even begin to describe just how huge it is for this woman who has been on countless radio and internet programs and has made her entire LIFES MISSION about telling people how NEVER JUDGING ANYONE is the right way to go…, and is now coming out and totally 100 percent PUBLICLY JUDGING IN PARTICULARLY VICIOUS TERMS…, the President of the United States!!


(I guess she never really believed in it in the first place….)




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